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AR15 Ammo Forum FAQs

  1. BEST CHOICES FOR SELF DEFENSE AMMO. This is hopefully going to answer all your questions about what ammunition to pick for your rifle, pistol, or shotgun. Lists of well-performing ammunition are provided.
  2. THE AMMO ORACLE - The original resource to learn about the .223/5.56 caliber, its history, development, and caveats. Even though it mostly centers around M193/M855 and omits some of the newer OTMs, it is a great read and everyone should go through it at least once. There's also a downloadable PDF version, although it may not be completely up-to-date. For the most complete line-up of CURRENT ammo recommended for self-defense, please refer to the post "BEST CHOICES FOR SELF-DEFENSE AMMO".
  3. AMMUNITION REVIEW AND REFERENCE. Refer to this post for information about commercially available ammo. Reviews are generated by readers, and a ranking is provided to help you pick out the wheat from the chaff. By clicking on the link for each reviewed ammo type, you can read the reviews and find out the good and bad points that have been reported.
  4. COLLECTED POSTS BY MOLON - THIS POST IS A MUST-READ. Arfcom member Molon has authored some incredibly informative posts about all kinds of ammo with detailed information about sighting in, shooting groups, accuracy, velocity, etc. There is a lot of information about the various heavy OTMs as well. This post pretty much deserves its own FAQ.
    • Sighting in and shooting for accuracy
    • Optics-specific evaluations and reports
    • Miscellaneous technical information
    • Accuracy evaluations of various rifles
    • Ammunition reviews
  5. COMBLOC/Steel-case AMMO FAQ - All you need to know about steel-case ammo, including "Is Wolf Ammo OK to shoot in my rifle?"
  6. WHAT AMMO CAN I SHOOT IN MY Bushmaster/Colt/Armalite/Rock River/etc. RIFLE?
  7. WHAT BULLET WEIGHT CAN IN SHOOT IN MY (1/7, 1/8, 1/9, etc.) RIFLE?
  9. WHAT DISTANCE SHOULD I ZERO MY RIFLE AT? There are two options to consider:
  10. EXOTIC AMMO FAQ - answers your questions about ammo such as Extreme Shock, Glaser, RBCD, etc.
  11. WOUND BALLISTICS - research papers that provide a wealth of information about bullet terminal performance.
  12. BALLISTIC GELATIN EXPERIMENTS - data about the performance in ballistic gelatin for various types of ammo.
  13. THE BOX O'TRUTH - Arfcom's own Old_Painless's website. Practical information for what happens when you shoot various things with different bullets. A very informative website - please make sure to check it out.
  14. FACTORY LOAD VELOCITY DATA - database of factory load chrono results for many popular types of ammo
  15. HEADSTAMP IDs - how to identify the ammunition manufacturer based on headstamp codes
  16. AMMUNITION CROSS-SECTIONS - by wolfganggross. I've collected all the cool cross-sections of ammo that he's posted and hosted them on the Arfcom Ammo Server.
  17. AMMUNITION VENDORS - list of dealers selling ammunition on the internet.
  18. AR VARIANTS - forum for questions referring to AR's in calibers other than 5.56/.223
  19. How to pack ammo on stripper clips in bandoleers into a .50 caliber ammo can - provided by Gloftoe
  20. SHOTGUN AMMO FAQ - Written by Old_Painless, and contains the most important information about what shot works best for self-defense.
If you discover a common question that isn't answered by this FAQ, or if you notice a problem with any of the links/outdated info, please contact moderators so that we can get that information added:

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