Ammo can bandoleer storage
Last Updated :: 5/8/2008 12:00:16 AM EDT
A standard .50 caliber ammo can will easily hold 840 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition, packaged in bandoleers.

There are two sections below. The first illustrates how to pack 840 rounds in 4 pocket bandoleers. The second utilizes 7 pocket bandoleers.

4 pocket bandoleers

Take 4 full 4 pocket bandoleers (each pocket has 3 10 round stripper clips), and fold them up like an accordian, folding the bottom flaps inside the accordian, then wrapping them tightly with the bandoleer strap:

Lay these "flat" in the ammo can, one in each corner (with the open ends of the bandoleers facing the middle of the can):

Use the empty "middle" space in the can to insert one more bandoleer, this one just folded in half:

After this, take the remaining two bandoleers and fold them just like you did the center bandoleer (in half), and place them on top of the already packed bandoleers:

Tuck the bandoleer straps nicely in the center cavity, and you'll have just enough room for a few spoons, and a desiccant pack:

7 pocket bandoleers

These pack a little differently. Take 4 full 7 pocket bandoleers (each pocket has 2 10 round stripper clips)and fold them like an accordion. Once folded, insert them into the bottom of the can (open ends of the pockets facing up), as shown below:

Fold the bandoleer straps as flat as possible. Take the remaining 2 full bandoleers, and fold them like an accordion. This makes a nice compact package that can fit on top of the bottom bandoleers (laying on their side):

Fold the bandoleer straps as flat as possible again, and you'll have just enough room for a few spoons and a desiccant pack: