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We have special upper halves on sale right now along with Blackhawk Universal Single Point Sling Adapters, and Stag Arms Tactical Rifle Cases. Sale ends 11:59PM 3/29/15 EST
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AR15.Com Endorses Joseph DeBergalis, Jr for NRA Board
January 30, 2015

With the pending NRA Board Vote, AR15.Com is endorsing Joseph DeBergalis for re-election. From "Black Powder to the Black Rifle" he's been fighting for us all. For those who have had the time to meet and speak with Joe, you know that he is well focused and constantly doing amazing work on our behalf. He has also functioned as this site's contact to everything happening with the NRA and ensuring your voice is heard.

Joe has served as the Chairman of the NRA's Education & Training Committee, Vice-Chairman of Action Shooting and member of the Executive, Finance, Legislative Affairs, Law Enforcement and Sport Shooting committees. Joe is also an NRA-ILA's Jay Littlefield "Volunteer of the Year," Inaugural inductee of the NRA-ILA's Election Volunteer Coordinator Hall of Fame, and a Staunch Defender of the Second Amendment throughout our nation.

Ballots are currently shipping in the February edition of your NRA magazine of choice for any Life member, or five year or more consecutive Annual NRA member. If you have not yet received your issue, it should be arriving any day. Make sure to take the time and review all the candidates and vote!
Author: GoatBoy
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