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Unity Player Needed

GUNSTRUCTION requires a special player in to run. This plugin, Unity Web Player, is secure and isolated as well as being the industry standard engine for portable 3D and gaming. It is kept from your computers files as well as being locked away from server files. While this makes it more difficult for us to work with, this type of isolation is preferred because of it's high level of protection for both parties.

In order to utilize the program, you need to install unity by clicking the button below. This specific landing page only works in full browsers and not on mobile platforms. Rest assured that we are currently working on mobile apps and are targeting a 2014 release.

We hope you enjoy building your project rifle, as we invite you to "Come and Make Them!" with GUNSTRUCTION.

Unity Web Player. Install now!
Win Your Rifle! Click on the link for official rules.
Click Here for the low resolution version of GUNSTRUCTION