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General Inquiries

General Inquiries

Use the form below to contact us instantly.

Account Questions

Account Inquiries

Use the form below to contact us instantly.

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Advertise With Us

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Mailing Address

3021 Ridge Rd Suite A-72
Rockwall, TX 75032


  • How do I sign up for AR15.COM?

    To create an account for the forums and shop, you can click on the Register button in the top right portion of the site, or Click Here. Your account will then be sent to an approval queue for staff to review. This process can take anywhere from a minutes to several hours, so we ask that you please be patient.

  • I forgot my password. How do I recover my account?

    If you have forgotten your password, there is a tool to request a new one from the system. You can either use the link below, or click on the login button and then the forgot password link. Once at the password recovery tool, you simply enter the account email address and the image code and click the button. The system will generate an account recovery email, which will allow you to change the password on your account. These emails are generated automatically and should arrive within a minute or two and are only valid for a 24 hour period.

    Click the following link to recover your password: Password Recovery Tool

  • What email address can I use to register for the site?

    Due to repeated problems, we have restricted registration and do not allow most free email services. If your mail service is banned, please try another. Any mail servers found abusing the site or found to be home to problematic users will be added to the banned list. Once you have registered, you may change your email address to any service you like, including free email services such as Gmail and Yahoo.

  • Can I change my username after registration?

    We currently do not allow users to change their username. Please be selective when creating a name and try to avoid using your real name, initials, or anything offensive. The name you choose will help users recognize you, so ensure that what you pick is acceptable to you.

  • I need to change my email address. How do I go about it, and will I be locked out of the site?

    Changing email addresses is an easy process. Simply go into your profile by clicking on your username in the top right corner of the site, then click on the 'Contact Information' link under Account Settings on the left side of your profile. You will need to enter a new email address and confirmation. Once complete, the site will log you out and generate a verification email. You will receive this email at your new email address. Clicking on the link in the email will verify your new address and allow you to log back into the site. This link will not expire.

    If you do not receive the email, please check your spam filters and/or add ar15.com to your whitelist. If you need a new recivery email sent, just go to the site and try to log in. You will be sent to the account status page and a link will be available to generate a new email for you.

  • Can I have more than one account?

    We do not allow multiple accounts per person for a number of reasons. If you have a legitimate need for more than one account, please email accounts@ar15.com and discuss it with them. If you are found having multiple accounts, one or all of your accounts may be terminated.


    Account Information

    If you are interested in multiple accounts, please fill out the form below. Make sure to explain in detail why you need multiple accounts.

  • I get an unverified email address error, what do I do?

    When you first register, or change your email address, the site will generate and send an email to you with a link to verify the address is legitimate. Simply click the link in the email (or copy and paste it into a browser) to verify your email address.

    If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder. If you still do not have it, you may request a new verification email to be sent to you at this link: Request a New Verification Email. If you continue to not receive emails, your mail provider may be blocking them. Bring it to their attention and email accounts@ar15.com with a request to update your email address to something else and a new verification email will be sent.


    Account E-mail Update

    If you need help updating the email tied to your account, please fill out the form below.

  • I forgot the email address tied to my account, how can I get it?

    If you need your email address, but forgot what it was, you can use the Recover Email Tool.

    To use the tool you will need to know the username on the account as well as the account password. Once entered correctly, the system will give you your email address and you may then log in with the email address and password.

    If the email is no longer valid, please update it!

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