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Q. What is a stripper clip?

A stripper clip is small metal clip that holds several rounds together, usually by the groove on the case head. USGI M16 stripper clips are made from a parkerized steel clip with a brass tensioning insert. The insert has tabs on the ends that are bent to retain the rounds. Each clip will hold 10 rounds of 5.56 ammo. By installing a stripper clip guide (often called a "spoon" because of its shape) on the top rear of a magazine, a loaded stripper clip can be inserted and the rounds pushed (or "stripped") off of the clip and into the magazine. Magazines can be loaded very quickly this way and there is no need to count the number of rounds used. In addition, stripper clips cover the primer of the rounds, preventing accidental ignition during storage and handling. Though these stripper clips were intended as one-time-use only, they can be reused many times if care is taken to bend the brass tabs only 45° instead of 90°.

Stripper clips.

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