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Team Memberships

Become an AR15.COM Team Member

We have always tried to expand the tools available to all users as well as to create additional improvments to make using the site easier. These improvements are available in our Team Memberships and range from larger IM (Instant Messenger) boxes to media hosting to unlimited searching of current and archived data. These tools provide unequalled improvements to your site experience and continue to be expanded each year.

Membership Types

There are three different options are available for Team Memberships, Bronze, Gold, and Platinum. Please review the information below to find the membership level that meets your needs. Keep in mind that all memberships are for 12 months and do not automatically renew.

More Information

Please review the Member Agreement before making payment. Payment signifies agreement with the terms of a Team Membership.

For Advertising Dealer and Industry Partner options, please see the Advertising section.

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Bronze Membership

Bronze Membership

Expanded Search Ability

Access to the upgraded site search which allows you unlimited searching with full parameters. Search for authors, subjects, and dates for discussions which have yet to be archived. Non-Team are limited to 7 day subject searches only in the technical areas of the site. Complex searching includes full post body searches, multiple keyword searches, author searches, and more!

Special Site Resources

Special resource tools include expanded subscriptions, a custom board feature to create from your favorite forums, and customizable options for other tools. Blogs are also available for team members and will be updated for a better integration and nicer look. We also have a few "backdoor" site's available for team members looking to surf the site from sensitive locations. (SSL option included!)

Archive Server Search

Utilize a highly flexible search engine to find archived data from the past. Our archives include everything ever posted from the beta days of the site.

Avatar and Team Member Title

You will gain the ability to upload your custom avatar (gif or jpg) to the media server where it will show with each of your posts. Please make sure to keep these within the minimal image restrictions.

Member Only Forums

As a Team Member, you will gain access to a growing list of private forums. These forums include the team clubhouse, for general discussions free from trolls, as well as a job listing forum, and a travel forum.

Increased Instant Messenger Tools & Storage

Extended tool options including custom folders to help you organize your messages, huge storage space, contact lists, and more. (250 Msg Limit)

Site Enhancements

Site customization options to tailor to your mood. Currently we offer a number of skins (color styles) to the site's interface and have plans to expand this to allow the modification of layout and display options.

Spellcheck Service

Built in spellchecker within the posting tools. These tools include topic/reply posts, IM messaging, and content management.

SEBR/SER Discounts

An even LOWER price on our Special Edition (Black) Rifle projects done every year! These custom configuration rifles are a limited run project with a special SEBR engraving to mark the year.

Team Member Giveaway!

Straight From The ARFCOM Vault, we will give at least one rifle away each year. We will also give out any number of items donated to us throughout the year. This has been a tradition for us and the advertisers here to say thank you for your support!

Thread Tracking

Jump into discussions where you left off. ( Last Read Post ) There is no limit to the number of threads which will be managed and they are automatically purged when a discussion goes to the archives or when your account is downgraded.

Upgrade to a Bronze Membership
Gold Membership

Gold Membership

All Bronze Membership Benefits

You gain every benefit the Bronze Membership provides along with additional functions and tools.

Email Addresses

Have your own email address at AR15.Com. Your email address will be created as [username]@ar15.com on our servers.

Email Tools

Each email address comes prepared for combat with full virus protection and spam filtering on the servers. In addition, you will have access to an online web client to check your mail quickly when you are on the go!

Increased IM Storage

Another increase in storage space for your messages and the ability to search through them! (1000 Msg Limit. Search coming soon.)

User Name Suggestions (For IM & Search)

When sending an instant message or searching on a user's name, the system will pull up user name matches after the third character is typed.

Search Result Highlighting

Searched terms are highlighted in results to stand out and make finding them easier.

Media Server Access

The ability to create file groups (albums) and to upload files to share with others. Photos, videos, music files, and more are all available to help create and share your experiences and passions. Mark albums private for personal storage, or move files into shared collections for everyone to benefit from. There are no limits to groups and file storage limits are increasing each year to improve the tool and make it easier for all your media sharing needs.

Increased Customization Options

Advanced skins (camo patterns and more) as well as more customizable options not available at the bronze level. The ability to create and share your custom skins or modify site layout will be at your disposal in the coming months.

My Last Post Feature

In your subscription list, you will have an icon ( My Last Post ) which allows you to jump into a discussion thread at the last post you made in the thread.

Thread Bookmarks

Set a bookmark in any thread you like for an quick jump point. Mark important information, a great photo, or simply an area with personal value to you. Just use the bookmark icon ( Bookmark ) to jump directly to that point

Upgrade to a Gold Membership
Platinum Membership

Platinum Membership

All Bronze & Gold Membership Benefits

You gain every benefit the Bronze and Gold Memberships provide, along with additional functions and tools. This is the highest donation level available.

Increased Email Storage

An increase in server storage space for transfer of larger files and storage of messages while traveling.

Increaed IM Storage

The largest team member IM storage available. Keep your organized messages archived how you see fit and quickly locate them. (3000 Msg Limit)

Increased Media Storage

A huge increase in media storage space. Each year we continue to expand how much space each user is alotted and the jump from gold to platinum is quite significant.

Upgrade to a Platinum Membership
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