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Durkin Tactical Franklin Armory
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If you have questions, comments, or are interested in advertising with us, please contact [email protected]
  • Hometown Dealer Program
    Hometown Forum Advertising

    This program is for specific state advertising through the hometown forum section of the site.

    This is a very affordable and simple option which allows your company to maintain a single post within the state's forum to reach out to local customers. This program can be added to any user level or advertising package.

    This option alone does not allow for Equipment Exchange listings.

    Interested? Click Here to contact us now.
  • Dealer Membership Package
    Account Upgrade (up to two per company)

    You will be assigned a "Dealer" Membership with "Dealer Member" Title. This includes all of the benefits of a normal membership including an AR15.COM email address and media sharing. (See Membership page for further information.)

    Equipment Exchange Sales

    You will be allowed access to the Equipment Exchange ("EE") to list and sell items. See the Equipment Exchange Rules for more information and guidelines.


    A forum dedicated to your company, and moderator rights to that forum. You can use this forum to answer questions, interact with the community, and promote your products.

    Interested? Click Here to contact us now.
  • Industry Partner Package
    Account Upgrade (up to three per company)

    You will be assigned an "Industry Partner" Membership.

    Full Dealer Benefits

    You will have all of the benefits of the dealer membership with direct sales through the Equipment Exchange. (See the Dealer Membership Package above for further information.)

    Direct Marketing

    You will be permitted to post sales and promotions in the technical forums to better market to users. We ask that prior to posting in these forums you contact an administrator or staff member for approval. Posting in general forums is allowed, but typically for special announcements and promotions only. Examples of this include unique sales events, fund raising for troops, and other special cases. These posts need to be promotional and not every day type sales or specials.

    New Product Forums

    You will have the ability to post new product announcements in the technical sections for further exposure. These forums are restricted to only allow Industry Partners to post product news. It's expected that companies will remain professional and refrain from engaging each other within these threads.

    Advertising Banner

    You will receive a 468x60 banner slot, in which you can submit any number of banner ads. These banners are rotated throughout every page on the site including the forums. Submitting multiple banners will result in a randomly selected banner for display when your banner slot is called upon. (We do offer multiple banner slots at a discounted price, please email [email protected] for availability and information). In order to ensure a quality return on investment, we maintain a limit on banner slots sold, based on the site's traffic. We apologize if banner slots become unavailable, but rest assured we only do so to ensure the highest level of service.

    Banner Creation Support

    If needed, our graphic artists will help create an advertising banner for you.

    Interested? Click Here to contact us now.
  • Highlight Advertiser Package Waiting List
    Account Upgrade (up to three per company)

    You will be assigned an "Industry Partner" Membership.

    Full Industry Partner Benefits

    You will have all of the benefits of the Dealer membership and Industry Partner membership. (See Industry Partner Package above for further information.)

    Highlight Banner

    You will receive an 80x30 pixel slot within the mini-banner advertising area at the top of every page. Each page view of the site guarantees you a banner impression for your mini slot. The banners may contain animation, but it must have an idle frame that remains active for 10 seconds.

    Mini-Slot Ownership

    The banner slot will remain yours until you decide to terminate the agreement or miss payment. This ensures your continued ownership until you no longer wish to advertise with us.

    ** Waiting List **

    The Highlight Advertiser Package slots are rarely available and require us to maintain a waiting list. If you are a current Highlight Advertiser and give up your slot, please be aware that you will be placed at the end of the waiting list.

    Interested? Click Here to contact us now.
  • Footer Advertising The Lower Cost Option!
    Static Mini Banner

    We have created an area for advertising at an affordable cost to target small and mid-sized companies. You will get a static mini banner (80x30) which will be displayed on every page above the footer. These banners are rotated and randomly ordered on each page click.

    Interested? Click Here to contact us now.
  • Homepage Advertising
    Skyscraper Banner

    A large, above-the-fold, skyscraper banner (180x600) that awaits users coming to the site. This large banner gives you plenty of room to get your message across and can be animated as well.

    Mid Sized Banner

    3 smaller banners (180x250) will be placed along the side of the homepage each month to help showcase your company or products. These below the fold banners run along the side of our content areas and provide a great way to reach customers.

    Featured Video

    If it's a little more dynamic advertising you are looking for, then consider the Featured Video. Highlighted with a "NEW" star, users will be linked to your embedded video and either view it on the site or at it's main location.

    Interested? Click Here to contact us now.
  • Monthly Newsletter Advertising
    Featured Ad

    A 770x150 sized banner prominently displayed at the top of the newsletter. Reach out and make an impression quickly to our newsletter subscribers. Each newsletter contains articles, reviews, previews, tips, and an update on website happenings.

    Industry Spotlight Ads

    Along the side of the newsletter, and above product sections, we offer several slots for 295x150 sized banners. These spotlight banners help drive traffic to your site with their placement and are a lower cost option.

    Interested? Click Here to contact us now.

What We Have to Offer

With our continued commitment to excellence, the AR15.COM community has grown and continues to experience an impressive growth rate. We are, by far, the largest and most active firearm community on the internet. Our domains are easily recognized and we have years of experience working with top firearm companies. If you are looking for an impact on your business, look no further.

Our advertising options are simple and affordable. We do not hide once the relationship is formed and will always make ourselves available to assist with questions or issues. We offer advertising banner creation, updating, and statistics. Our commitment to ensuring the best available advertising options are something you simply wont find this anywhere else.

Updates to the site are done on a regular basis to keep the site fresh and user friendly. We do not let the site get stale, or boring, and we are constantly looking into different areas for improvement and expansion. Most sites would rather not invest their time in expansion, but rather keep their status quo. Our goal here is to impact the community, not our pockets. Feel free to compare our rates and traffic numbers with other popular firearm sites and see for yourself. Since 1996, this site has been owned and run by firearm enthusiasts and we absolutely love doing it.

Take a minute to look at our advertising packages to the left, then spend a few minutes in the forums with the community and see the difference!

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