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Q. What common ammo is properly sealed? Is Wolf/SA/Lake City/M193 properly sealed?

After the results from early experiments and with this question in mind Derek F. subjected several 5.56mm rounds to shallow (1 foot) submersion in filtered water over 72 hours. The worst leaking round of a given time period is shown for each round type. (Click the thumbnails for a closeup):


Lake City: Lot 1
Lake City: Lot 7
South African '86
Wolf 55gr FMJBT
24 Hours
No leakage.
No neck sealant.
Significant leakage.
No leakage.
Some leakage.
Some rust.
48 Hours
No leakage.
No neck sealant.
Leakage. Water in case.
No leakage.
No leakage.
Some rust.
No leakage.

No neck sealant.
Leakage. Water in case.

No leakage.
No leakage.
Rust. Pliers needed for extraction.

Notes: I wouldn't want to drink the water that the Wolf was in. Dark brown after 12 hours. Yuck. Clearly, the rounds don't get along with water. Lot 7 is definitely not sealed. None of the Lot 7 rounds fared well after 48 hours, only one held up through 24 hours.

Conclusions: LC Lot 7 is clearly not sealed. This isn't a good thing if you're planning on diving with this ammo. Wolf is also vulnerable to moisture and might rust the bullet into the casing causing a potentially dangerous situation. LC Lot 1 is properly sealed, and will endure 3 days of submersion. South African '86 endured submersion quite well.

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