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To the left you will notice the search parameters which drive this tool. By entering a city, selecting a STATE, or selecting a COUNTRY, you will be able to pull up range information which is in our system. If a country or state/province does not show up on the list, then there are no ranges in our system for that location. As this syetem is driven by our community, it's up to you to add any ranges you don't find! (To complete a search you MUST define at least one location parameter.)

The search also allows you to filter on ranges with popular criteria. Searching for ranges who offer indoor shooting, for example, is just an extra click away.

Once you initiate your search, the results will be displayed below the search on the left. Clicking on a specific range will pull up that range's available information. With the range listing, we have included a few easy to spot features via icons. (See the icons below this text!) These icons include a map location to the range (globe), a link to the range's website (house), a link to email the range (envelope), and the ranges specific privacy restrictions. (Public, Private, Training, LEO, and Military icons.) Icons will only show up if the range has the specific requirement or restriction.

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Once you are logged in, you can also add a short review for any range. These reviews will help others to decide which ranges to visit or join, so please be fair and honest. (Users are only allowed one review per range.)

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