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andrewjarvi  [Member]
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DRich  [Member]
My old beater...

This one was built by ORF in 2003. Imbel kit on an Imbel GL receiver. Shortly after I acquired it, I sent it to VOW to have the barrel cut down to 17.5". This was during the AWB, so I didn't have the barrel threaded. As this was primarily a truck gun, I didn't have any use for a brake or flash hider anyway. A few years later, I bought a para kit from DSA and it's remained in that configuration ever since.

It doesn't get as much use these days since I've burned through most of the cheap South African surplus I bought back when it was cheap and plentiful. I wish I had bought a LOT more.

stimpsonjcat  [Team Member]

Newly acquired full-auto FAL...

AggiePhil  [Team Member]
Originally Posted By stimpsonjcat:

Newly acquired full-auto FAL...

How much did that set you back?
timlad07  [Team Member]
My Imbel FAL shorty, Gear logo reciever

Spanners  [Member]
My Australian Lithgow L1A1 SLR
1962 - part of New Zealand delivery
Nicest SLR I've come across and almost like new.

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Another-Bill  [Team Member]
Wow, I hate following that beautiful Ausse, but here is mine...

It does have a very early matching Stg kit made in Belgium on an Imbel receiver.


hansellhd  [Member]
Put some new wood on my STG58. & I dig it.

CPT1-285TH  [Team Member]

Is that an Argentinian FN-49 chambered in .308? If so I envy you

hansellhd  [Member]
Originally Posted By CPT1-285TH:

Is that an Argentinian FN-49 chambered in .308? If so I envy you

Yes thanks, It took me 5 years to find one.
RIPPER334  [Member]
pukindog  [Team Member]
Originally Posted By hansellhd:
Put some new wood on my STG58. & I dig it.

You ain't the only one.

I think I'm in love
BAF  [Member]
Very very nice pics, thank you for sharing. The FAL is one of my most favorite weapons (i guess for obvious reasons ) I'm in the process of acquiring a license for one myself. I guess this is the to go to place when i finally have it.
jakjak824  [Member]

The kids
RABIDFOX50  [Team Member]
Crappy cell pic of my latest purchase. DSA SA58 16.25".

Dredd308  [Team Member]
bigjunk1  [Member]
Who said FAL's have to be ugly and above MOA shooters? It was not me. I believe this configuration of FAL to be the best overall SPR that can be put together in terms of reliability ,durrability and accuracy without stepping up to ,338 or.50 BMG..
This rifle started with a new Imbel barrel. I redesigned the bolt carrier ''sorta'' to eliminate next round pressure and misalligned pressure with the chamber, fixed the trigger, enlarged and polished the rear of the chamber to stop flattened tips, using the rail interface handguard eliminated barrel vibration, recrowned the barrel with a target crown, and added a rubber stop to soften the bolt cycling.
With match ammo I can get MOA groups, 3/4'' on a few occations and with surplus and cheap ammo I get 2-3'' groups .

Holescreek  [Member]
My first two FAL builds this summer.

My model B:

And my G1":

Coopmandu  [Team Member]

L to R... G-1 on a DSA, DSA STG58, R1 on a DSA type2, DSA para, 64 Enfield on a DSA inch, and a 61 BSA.
Coopmandu  [Team Member]

Nice BGS...what did you use for your barrel?
nictra  [Team Member]

Holescreek  [Member]
Originally Posted By Coopmandu:

Nice BGS...what did you use for your barrel?

I started with an SA barrel and added the bipod band, cut the key and threaded for the flash hider. I did similar work on the G1 but added the dovetail for the flash hider on it. All of the donor parts came from the cut up BGS barreled receivers Apex is selling.
hawkeye180  [Member]
SelectFire  [Member]

Just a good old DSA STG 58 rifle.
WonkDeMollyDeHonk  [Member]
Finally finished "un-thumbhole" stocking another one:

Imbel Receiver, inch everything else.
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