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Official Reloading Bench Picture Thread - Now with 100% more Pictures!
Rich219  [Team Member]
Originally Posted By NineLivez:
Originally Posted By supv26:
Originally Posted By xdoctor:

Originally Posted By stanprophet09:
And for post 556, I give you pics of my humble reloading setup, not as nice as most on here but I am limited on space and it works very well.

Just for those that will ask, Yes that is a shifter ball from advanced auto parts on my reloading press, I made the powder measure stand at work from scrap metal.
The press is an old Lyman Turret, they don't make anymore, but it works.

That is awesome. I especially like the license on the wall.

Yes, the license is a must of you do very much!!! I have had mine for almost 18 years now and it sure does help when buying reloading supplies!!!

What is the license?

Looks like a C&R license.
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QwikKotaTx  [Member]
Originally Posted By NineLivez:
Originally Posted By QwikKotaTx:
Nice benches guys!

I am in need of some advice on the height of my bench. It will be for a Dillon 550 withOUT a strong mount. I will be seated while reloading but probably on a stool, nothing real short I don't guess. I was thinking 42" but that sounds high. Thanks for any input.

Mine (a few posts above) is 37.5" and with a stool it is the perfect height, that is a bout counter height and in fact, the counters in my house are what I based the height on,

Ok, great idea. I will try a few spots in the kitchen before I build. Our island is a lot higher so that may be a better reference than the sink area etc. I like how you used that drop piece for a shelf, nice use of cut-offs.
HEATH223  [Team Member]
My TINY little spot in a 7.5'X12' shed

All the cans in the shelving unit are full of "stuff" the ones next to it are empty. I may have to replace it some of those shelves are under a lot of stress

The grey cabinet is what saves me a LOT of room it's 54"X44" and has 10 roller bearring drawrs that hold a ton of tools and stuff.

Lastly my reloading bench I had my press mounted to a board and just clamped it to the top of this box but I have allready started building a new top for it. I saw a pic. somewhere of a bench that had rails built into the top so you can attach different tools and move them around or remove them alltogether and I am making one like that. Hope to have it ready later in the week
phil3333  [Team Member]
still under construction but her is a pic
fizassist  [Member]
I started with a workbench that the previous homeowners had left:

The first thing I did was remove the full-depth shelving and front cross-member so I could actually get my legs (and a shop vac, etc) under the bench. I added a shelf at the back for storage and cross-bracing. I also added a second layer of perpendicular 2x lumber under the top for rigidity and weight:

Then I added a top surface of 3/4 Oak plywood (with a quart of polyurethane ). The surface has 3 cut-outs for RCBS press mounting plates:

Here's the bench with presses mounted and a later pic with pegboard on the back wall and lamps above:
HEATH223  [Team Member]
Not totally done but I got my top mostly finished today. Still need to get a block to mount my vice on and finish securing the rails down.

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fizassist  [Member]
Nice! I really like the flexibility.

Originally Posted By HEATH223:

HEATH223  [Team Member]
Originally Posted By fizassist:
Nice! I really like the flexibility.

Thanks! I was looking at reloading bench pics on some website ? and came across something similar and had to use the idea.
brboyer  [Team Member]
I was thinking about using something like this. Are those 80/20 T-slots? How are you mounting them?
Big_Jam15  [Member]
Dan_shoe  [Member]
just did a little spring cleaning in the room and figured I'd snap a picture. things are always being upgraded, and the press will be ordered next week. I'm going to drink the blue kool-aid.
cconn  [Team Member]
Here is my setup out in the barn.

223Pitbull  [Member]

Vey nice. Plenty of working space.
NineLivez  [Team Member]

WOW, AWESOME. I wanted to build an outbuilding for reloading, wife/financial advisor said if I did, i should build a bed in it too, I chose to sleep in the house
bmgm37  [Member]
Here is mine, finally got everything set back up after moving into the house 7 years ago! Cabinetmaker for a living, and it only took me that long to make them

Colt_sporter  [Team Member]
tag so I can find this again.
TripletDad  [Member]
This is about a year after I built it. Some areas on the counter top haven't seen the light of day for 9 months until this week. Just added the shelves on the left and moved all my pistol stuff there and left the rifle stuff on the right. Which is the reason I cleaned it was to make room for the new shelves.

ZombieHunter86  [Member]
Complete with surveillance system to monitor the outside of the house so I can see if someone is at one of the doors or in the drive. (missed a few ups packages cause I didnt hear him pull up from the basement.)

Big_Jam15  [Member]
AR15Texan  [Member]
I built a 6' reloading bench with a Dillon 550B for handgun/rifle and a MEC 600Jr for shotgun. The bench is almost complete just need paint, benchtop trim, and some Lowe's prebuilt wall mount cabinets.

Was closing down a factory and was able to save some bins from the trash. I'll give them a nice home.
BADZ06  [Team Member]
Nice score! Are those Akro brand bins? If so, do you want to sell any of them?

Use IM's for offers to buy. All buying and selling to be done in the EE or IM's. dryflash3
AFSPLOPS  [Member]
Just my little set up with a Red LnL and Lee turret !
ckelley  [Team Member]
Well, I had to spread out a little more....actually, someone gave me a nice solid bench that needed a top.
I decided to move the 650 to that bench, so I could sit on my barstool and load. I built my original bench taller, so I could stand and load. My knee hasn't been liking that lately.
Sounded like a good excuse
Suggestions for arranging things on the new (or old) benches are always welcome. I'm thinking shelves on the back bench?

I didn't like having my back to the door anyway......and yes, I could stand a new camera.
REL1203  [Member]
I just finally built my bench this weekend. I went with the Basics 2x4 kit, and made mine 6'6 wide by 28" deep. I havent even mounted the press yet, but its going on the far right hand side. I started organizing all the stuff and where I think I want it. Mounted 6 small halogen lights (well, its 2 connected blocks that each have 3 lights on it). I used 3/4" MDF for the top layer and it came out great. I braced under the top layer with 2x6's the entire width of the bench, its VERY sturdy and heavy as hell.

GeorgeCostanza  [Member]
Originally Posted By bmgm37:
Here is mine, finally got everything set back up after moving into the house 7 years ago! Cabinetmaker for a living, and it only took me that long to make them

Very nice. I hate clutter and yours is one of the few that is clutter free
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