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Posted: 2/2/2013 4:58:10 PM EDT
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(REDUCED PRICES) Due to many requests to part out the lot, i'm going to sell the items seperatly....the prices are as follows:
Hello I've been going through some drawers and found some gun stuff I don't need/ use anymore and that may be of use to someone else.....I prefer to sell the whole lot at once.. Thanks for looking...

* Yugo type AK grip - 22.00 shipped
* Pachmeyer Presentation grip for Ruger Security Six - 12.00 shipped
*Pair of Weaver Low 1" rings - 12.00 shipped
* Winchester Model 70 factory trigger - 8.00 shipped
* (2ea) front sights for K98; different elevations - 10.00 shipped
* Front sight for Swiss K31 (.256" FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE BASE TO THE HIGHEST POINT OF THE BLADE) - 4.00 shipped
* Pair of Blackhawk 1" metal heavy duty snaphooks - 12.00 shipped
* Blackhawk #7 IWB holster for 3"-3 1/2" compact autos 8.00 shipped
* Latch for AR-15 charge bar- 4.00 shipped.
'''SPF'''* rear butt screw and swivel for M1 Garand / M1A buttstock "SPF"

'''SPF'''* rear butt screw and swivel for M1 Garand / M1A buttstock "SPF"