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Posted: 6/4/2012 8:22:32 AM EDT
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I have 8 cases of SS198LF I purchased about 6 months ago for my PS90 through a LEO buddy of mine. I sold my PS90 about a month ago so I figured I would sell the ammo as well now.
The bullet tip is colored green. The SS198LF is restricted by FN to LEO/Mil for sale, but after that they can sell it to anyone and its fully legal to own and fire in all 50 states. So purchasing it from me is completely legal as well. The SS198LF ammunition is a 27 grain bullet similar to the SS195LF bullet. Both bullets have a hollow point jacket containing a lead free metal core. The green tip SS198 is loaded to a higher velocity than the SS195. I have read the velocity is between 2100-2500 fps depending on conditions FN really hasn't posted much as for the velocity that I know of.
These rounds are new in box stored in a temperature and humidity controlled garage.
Its 50 rd per box and 10 boxes per case.

Individual boxes $50 shipped
5 boxes $240 shipped
10 boxes $460 shipped

Payment: I will accept postal money orders or cashier check or paypal.
I am located in Beaverton Oregon
PM me for details.