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Posted: 2/16/2010 9:22:04 AM EDT
I've got a line on a nice 11-87 Special Purpose for about $250, great shape, synthetic stock and mile-long barrel. In some interwebz searches (dangerous I know, but here I am again) I have read that these are very unreliable and prone to failure. Further, they won't cycle well with shorter barrels.

So, if I was to leave the barrel about 22-24" long and build it into a 3-gun stick, what could I expect? I don't mind only being able to use the cheap 3-dram stuff from Wal-Mart, the low power trap loads won't knock the steel off a texas star anyway so I can't justify using them even without the cycling issue.

Are they prone to breakage? Can they be made resonably reliable for 3-gun (not kicking in doors or using it to fight off waves of liberals/zombies/etc).

What parts should be replaced? Ideas of cost involved?


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Posted: 2/17/2010 8:22:22 AM EDT
No love for the 11-87?

It looks like I'm getting it for $200, but it has a broken ring under the stock. I looked up a drawing on the Brownells website and found that it's one of two parts, I can't tell which one, but they cost about $10 each so it's not a big deal anyway.

So I'll get it running, drop in an Easeloader from Dave's Metalworks, extended mag tube and maybe cut the barrel back to 24" and tapped for a choke. All told I should be into the gun less than $500, maybe closer to $300

Gun- $200
Mag tube- $75
Parts- $20 (likely $10)
Easyloader- $35
Choke tubes installed- $150?

Total - $330 without modifications to the barrel, $480 with mods.

That should get me going long enough to decide if that's what I want to run for a while, and the total cost is pretty similar to what I've got into my 590. this might be an excersize in frutstration, but life has been too easy anyway.
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Posted: 2/17/2010 9:23:50 AM EDT
The 11-87 is a fine shotgun. With a little cleaning and a bit of tuning, it can be just fine for 3-gun, and plenty reliable. The gas system can be "adjusted" for barrel length and desired load, so find what you want to shoot through the gun and tune accordingly.
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Posted: 2/19/2010 10:55:30 AM EDT
Ive seen them crap out quite a bit on 3 gun matches. YMMV
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Posted: 2/19/2010 4:18:31 PM EDT
I use one for 3-gun and it runs great.
My short barrel does not reliably feed the lighter loads as it is designed more as a deer slug/buckshot barrel.
I use it for trap and skeet as well
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Posted: 2/27/2010 5:20:55 PM EDT
Well I put the Nordic +5 mag extention on it and replaced the broken pistons, and I even put 50 rounds through it today at the trap range. The gun ran great on all the loads I tried through it, I put a full box of very light Remington trap loads through it first, not even a hiccup. Then I tried an assortment of Fiocchi, Winchester, Federal and those were a mix of light and heavy loads. No problems at all.

I shot pretty poorly, but the choke (which is now soaking in oil because it is stuck) measures out to about .685", or likely a Skeet choke and I was having a hard time hitting clays in a strong wind with that choke. For my last round or trap I used my Beretta 391 and did a little better. The Remington is a HEAVY pig compared to the Beretta.

Next step is the Easy Loader from Daves Metalworks, and some sights of undertermined source as yet. I also need some side-saddles but I haven't found the ones I want yet. The next 3-gun match should be fun- first time for a scope on the rifle (Burris XTR 14) and now a semi-auto shotgun. I might just use a double-stack 9mm (Hi-power) instead of the 1911 and complete the change!