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Posted: 7/3/2009 10:42:41 PM EDT
PWS has the short stroke piston kit, which we use on our Addax GPU's we build as a dedicated AR piston using only brand new high quality components and barrels.

We also use this same short stroke system for performing a retrofit on customers uppers, and we can perform this retrofit on your BCM upper.

The retail cost for the system with installation is $425.00 plus shipping, but we also offer the members of a Forum member discount. All you need to do is set up an account on our website, and email us your name and user name, and we will update your account profile with the Forum Member Discount.

The new long stroke piston system from PWS is used in our new ATAC-GPU (Advanced Tactical AR Carbine Gas Piston Uppers), we build in a few variations and calibers.

Addax GPU's built with the PWS Short Stroke Piston System:

Piston System retrofits with the PWS Short Stroke Piston System:

Addax ATAC-GPU using the new PWS Long Stroke Piston System:
Originally Posted By LX200:
I see from your site that PWS appears to have short stroke and long stroke systems..... rather, the uppers you sell have both types?

if I go to the PWS site, I only see them sellng on kit.

Anyway.... how much is it for you to install a kit on my BCM middy upper.... about..... I figure you can't be exact....

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