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Posted: 10/22/2010 2:08:37 PM EST
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After years of successful use by Israeli Special Forces, the Mepro MOR reflex sight will be available in the United States. While the Mako Group is offering the restricted standard optic only to military and law enforcement, we also decided to make a model available for civilian purchase by dropping the power of the laser to meet US restrictions.

Here is a preview of this optic for members.

The Mepro MOR is a tri-powered reflex sight that was designed to the specifications of the Israeli Special Forces to compliment the Mepro M21 that was already in use by the Israeli Defense Forces. Like the M21, the MOR illuminates it's reticle passively using a combination of a tritium light source and a fiber optic light gathering system. Using these two systems ensures that there is a visible reticle at all times in any light (or total lack of light) without requiring batteries. Like the M21, the MOR is also night vision compatible. Unlike the M21, the MOR also utilizes battery power to illuminate the reticle in certain situations in which an extra bright reticle is an advantage, such as bright sunlit snow, or shooting from inside a dark building into bright sunlight. This also allows the use of a smaller dot.

In addition to the the tri-powered reflex reticle, the Mepro MOR Military and Police incorporates both red visible and infrared (night vision visible) lasers. Both lasers are activated by a single, robust pressure switch. Both lasers are housed inside the armored body of the optic, and are zeroed simultaneously with the reticle of the optic, requiring only zeroing of the reticle to zero all three aiming systems. All adjustments to the reticle also adjust the lasers.

A 6-position switch on the left side of the Mepro MOR operates the powered functions of the sight. The switch positions are OFF, 1, 2, 3, L, IR. In the OFF position, the lasers and LED reticle are disabled, and the reticle is powered by the tritium in the dark, and the fiber optics if any ambient light is present. The brightness of the reticle adjusts to ambient light.

In the 1, 2, and 3 positions, the reticle is powered by the battery with each position increasing the intensity. Position 1 is bright enough for most light conditions, with the highest setting necessary only for unique situations such as sunlit snow, for example. In each of the three reticle power positions, the visible (red) laser is powered and may be activated by pressing the pressure switch.

When the switch is placed in the L position, the reticle is illuminated passively, but the visible laser is powered and may be activated with the pressure switch. When the switch is placed on the IR position, the sight is passively illuminated for (low-light night vision situations), and the IR laser is powered and may be activated by pressing the pressure switch.

The civilian version, the Mepro MOR, operates identically, with the exception of the lack of an IR laser, and a visible laser power level that meets US consumer requirements.

Mako Mepro MOR Specifications:

Aperture: 30mm
Field of View: 160º (both eyes open)
Reticle: 3 MOA dot (others by special order)
Night Vision: Night vision compatible (including Gen III tubes)
Laser Spectrum: Red 650/670 nm, IR >830 nm
Battery Type: One AA (storage for extra battery)
Battery Life: 20 hours continuous operation
Adjustment: Single adjustment zeros lasers and reticle
Adjustment Range: +/- 10 mRad, with .5 mRad clicks
Weight: 12.35 oz. with battery
Mount: Integrated adjustable quick detach for MIL-STD-1913 rail

Illumination Modes:

All ambient light: Powered by fiber optic system
Night: Powered by gaseous tritium light source
Low ambient light: Battery-powered light-emitting diode

Links will be added as soon as the Mepro MOR is listed on our website. Dealers and distributors may contact The Mako Group for appropriate pricing.

Left side of the Mepro MOR, showing power switch and pressure switch.

Right side of the Mepro MOR, showing azimuth adjustment and QD mount. The QD mount is adjustable for tension.

Mepro M21 - the MOR's little brother.

Ad featuring Mako Mepro MOR on the right and Mako Mepro M21 in the center.
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