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Posted: 2/26/2012 6:57:54 AM EDT
I was impressed with the quality of my Stag Model 6 so when I decided to get a 6.8 it was an easy decision to get a Model 7H. Even though self proclaimed experts on several websites recommended other makers I went with Stag because they have great customer service and I have a great model 6. When I got the Model 7H I noticed that it had properly cut feed ramps. Nonexistent or improperly cut feed ramps was one of the reasons others said to stay away for Stag so it was nice to see this upgrade. I attached the upper to my RRA lower and it was a perfect match. I hand cycled 100 rounds and could see that the lips of the magazines needed bent up a bit so I gently bent them up and cycling was much smoother.

I mounted a Mueller 4-16X50 on it and headed to the range. I loaded up some Hornady 110 BTHP and right out of the box it was shooting factory ammo into 1 1/4 inch groups at 100 yards. I tried some 110 SPH with H322 and the groups went down to 3/4 inch.

After working up a load with AA2200 using the once fired brass I headed back to the range. The Stag 7 put the first three shots into 1/4 moa. I was impressed and had more in the magazine so I shot two more and the group was still under 1/2 moa. I shot two more and the 7 shot group was still 1/2 moa! I was a bit giddy at this point and had one more round in the magazine. I was a little nervous because I didn't want to screw up the group I had going. I fired the last round in the magazine and it was a little low and to the right opening the group to 3/4 moa for the 8 shot group.

I have fired a couple hundred rounds through it now without any issues. I also used in for an antlerless whitetail deer hunt and shot one at 100 yds. It ran about 50 yards leaving a massive blood trail. With this accuracy, reliability, and the great customer service of Stag spending more on a 6.8 would be a waste of money IMO.

My brother in law waited 4 months to get his special order 6.8 from a well known builder on another website. He paid almost three times as much and so far he hasn't found a load that will out shoot my Stag! KUDOS to stag for building excellent rifles at a affordable price!