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Posted: 7/2/2003 2:42:35 AM EDT
Noticed some new Russian tactical-ops pictures lately (the Theater operation, etc...) where Russian soldiers were using a nifty looking recoil pad that strapped on to the end of their AK103s and Krinkovs. Now that I think about it, a couple of the Russian Military/Paramilitary Saiga 12 pix have the same pad on the Krink style metal-frame buttstock.

Chamberlain posted a pic a while back of one of his AK74s sporting a fixed Krink style folder wearing just such a pad, but he has never responded to where he came up with it.

Anyone know where I could come up with one of these very nifty looking devices?

Also, looking for a cheek piece for the same stock setup- perhapse a hardened rubber one that bolts on?


Link Posted: 7/2/2003 3:16:42 AM EDT
Link Posted: 7/2/2003 4:11:16 AM EDT
here is a link to RPB, they have an American made version, and a Bulgarian version.
Link Posted: 7/2/2003 6:11:12 PM EDT
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Sorry Rebel, forgot to answer your question on the GP-25/GP-30 buttpads....
The one you saw in the pic was a Bulgarian made one, nearly Identical to the Russian which I also have (just got it). The molds are almost exactly the same, but the major differences between the Russian and Bulgarian ones are that the Bulgs use a black leather strap, and powder protected rubber which STINKS! You can't get rid of the smell off your hands! The Russian one is a deeper black and smells just like a new car tire! The strap is brown leather. KVAR has the Bulg ones for $20 here: http://www.k-varcorp.com/buttplate.html
THey fit Triangle stocks, fixed stocks and there is even slots on the sides to accomodate old style AKMS underfolder stocks. Enjoy.
Link Posted: 7/2/2003 8:14:54 PM EDT
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Link Posted: 7/3/2003 9:34:25 AM EDT
I have a Russian one if someone needs a pic-Came on a Russian plum stock set I bought here in Germany for $50.
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