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Posted: 6/26/2002 12:05:46 PM EDT
Hello, I'm looking for a job as a Fortune 500 CEO. If you know of any openings let me know. As for my qualifications, I am: (1) Incompetent (2) Dishonest (3) Don't give a crap about the stockholders (4) Don't give a vrap about the employees (5) Will not work for less than $20,000,000 per year. I'll also fake it as a CFO or CTO. Hell, you can call me the Corporate Cleaning Officer as long as I get the 20 huge and a golden parachute.
Link Posted: 6/26/2002 1:07:09 PM EDT
and just in case there is more than one job to be had, Add my name to the list! [:)]
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