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Posted: 9/8/2005 9:55:01 PM EDT
I know there are complications to transferring handguns (only pre-10/98 with a letter stating the firearm's manufactured date) into MA from other states, but can someone explain the laws reagarding longguns. A while ago, I wanted to transfer a Colt AR15 into MA and the dealer said no Colts AR15s are allowed into the state, only bushmaster AR15s. Is there a law stating only certain brand longguns can be shipped here? I thought any rifle could be shipped here but i guess it matters if its an assault rifle or not. The reason i am asking is because i wanted to purchase a Springfield Armory SOCOM 16 and I do no want to run into any problems. Thanks guys and stay safe.

Link Posted: 9/9/2005 10:10:39 AM EDT
MA still has an assault weapons ban, so the Colt you tried to transfer must not have been a pre-ban gun. It has nothing to do with a manufacturer - only the date the gun was made and the number of assault weapon qualifiers. In other words, you can (and I have) legally transfer a pre-ban Colt AR into MA or purchase a new Post Ban Colt or Bushmaster, etc. AR in MA. Just avoid the goofy dealer who gave you this incorrect information.

The Springfield Armory SOCOM 16 can be transferred into MA, as long as it is shipped with the 10 round magazine. New (post AWB) hi-cap mags are also banned in MA, but you can posses a pre-ban hi-cap mag assuming you have a Class A LTC. In other words, if you have a MA Class A LTC you can buy the SOCOM with a 10 round mag and then buy some pre-ban mags from any dealer.
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 10:54:38 AM EDT
Thanks for your help CFFUTS23

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