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Posted: 7/19/2008 3:17:19 AM EDT
Ok, so I was off yesterday and didn't have to get onto the "big road" until I took the family out to the movies at Centra Park. As we are leaving about 2200, the first Ass-Hat (in a minivan, of course) smacks into ASS-Hat #2 driving a Dark in color Honda Civic "all rimmed out" as my son described it.
My wife saw it, I did not. She describes both as rushing for the same parking space. Unbelieveable!
I try not to paint everyone with a broad brush but I know what I have seen with amazinng regularity. Even from my days working the road, minivan driver = Inattention and poor driving. Like wise, "Boy Racer" type vehicles = younger, more aggressive, inexperinced driver which inevitably results in a crash. The dgree and severity is generally limited only by how fast they got going and how much alcohol or dope they consumed before hand.

Not to worry, your intrepid highway reporter has to go back to work today so I have faith that there will be another tale of mouthbreathing meatbags operating on our highways that will amaze even me.
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 6:18:40 PM EDT
Those "Fast and the Furious"(ly idiotic) posers either pull their head out of their ass and grow up (0.1%), try pulling something stupid with their "pimped out ride" and learning (right around the same time that their face is being peeled off by the windshield as they fly through it) that it was really nothing more than a neon-light-laced-beer-can-on-wheels and they in fact aren't indestructible (1%), or economic conditions force mommy and daddy to stop supporting their inane habit and they promptly sign onto 4chan and start bitching (98.9%).

Link Posted: 7/20/2008 6:51:56 AM EDT
I have to go up to Towson tomorrow so maybe I will see something good. Gotta love those idiots on 95 in Maryland.
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