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Posted: 12/24/2001 3:01:45 AM EDT
i am in the airforce in alska currently. my brother is a deputy sherrif in kentucky. i am a big fan of the ar's platform and versatility. i have a bushmaster lower pwa preban and 5 stripped RRA lowers. i always worry about him on the job being outgunned. he has a hk usp 40 and a remington 870. he used to carry my dads shotgun that he bought from sears. i have 5 RRA lowers laying around and have thought about making him up a gun. my ffl dealer will buy from me wholesale plus 5%. a RRA A2 upper is only $325 wholesale complete with bolt! he and his wife both are deputys and you know the money is not that good. i dont think he will ever spring the money for one. the local gun store that catrers to law enforcement has colt 16" A2's for $775. pluss tax. my bro just gave his son a speeding ticket to so no discount possable! his son was even dropping names of people during the citation!. sorry for the long post but what do yall recomend me building for him?
Link Posted: 12/24/2001 10:02:21 AM EDT
A flat top shorty with flip up iron sights. He can add optics if he wants. If you can get the 4 rail hand guards they are handy for lights and lasers and what not. If he can get it on letterhead or approval from his Chief, get him a pre ban upper with the phantom flash hider. We do a lot of our work at night or in low light.
Link Posted: 12/25/2001 2:02:07 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/25/2001 2:36:02 AM EDT
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Machinehead, sounds like your watching out for your 'bro. If you have 5 RRA lowers laying around you should get one to him ASAP. Completing it with any upper will qualify you for sainthood. You're brother will s*** when he opens that box. I'd say, if you can get a good deal on an upper, go for it. I'd take the difference, between the cheaper and more expensive uppers, and get a tactical light and/or night sights. I think that would be more important to him on duty. Sounds like his wife could use one too. Maybe at least pass along one of your extra lowers to her. You would feel guilty as hell if something happened to one of them and you had extra lowers in your closet. Again, I think you get the brother of the year award. Just do it now. Things are a little wierd right now, I think we would all feel better if your brother had an ar in his cruiser tonight.
Link Posted: 12/25/2001 3:07:05 AM EDT
mongo, thanks for the complement. im deffinantly building one for him. i was chatting with him yesterday about ar's. he does not know a thing about them. one guy has a colt he got from a swat member from louisville ky. he sail he had a collapsabe stock, a scope and a lazer on it. only paid 600 for it, all used. it scares my him being a cop but i know he has training. the other day Ky was flooded where he patroles and a vehicle was strainded in teh middle. jeff had to go out in a boat to help him. the guy was incoherent and was just looking at a pic. come to find out is that he was sitting on a 357. he didnt find out till they got him to the station that he just killed the woman in the picture in indiana. i have a knights rail on my 16" and have thought about one of the quad freefloat tubes for him. what tac lite setup are all of yall using out there. they dont do alot of swat type entry there. he does do standoffs and survalence of meth labs and such. i was thinking maybe the quad rail, tac lite, and bipod. a standoff can be a long time to be aiming with an ar. there idea of a sniper outfit is someone bringing in there hunting rifle. his wife is pregnant right now with my new nephew so she is a desk jocky right now. im just seeing what works for other units out there. i know he will love whatever i get him. im stil have to get him a box to send a bunch of military gear. i got him a full gortex set, alice gear, flashlites mre's!!!!, winter gear. he wanted it all for the survalence. big problem with bastards stealing anhydrous from the farmers
Link Posted: 12/31/2001 12:52:59 PM EDT
Now that you guys are on the topic, I want to configure my Armalite M15A4(t) to be a better SHTF weapon. This is how it is configured now: [img]http://www.armalite.com/shared/images/m15a4t_245.gif[/img] The scope is a Bushnell 6-18x 50mm elite model on a B-square detatchable mount...any thoughts would be helpful. Thanx!
Link Posted: 12/31/2001 12:57:30 PM EDT
I'd go with the bushmaster 16" 1/9 full heavy flat top upper with M4 handguards. I'm not a big fan of the M4 1/7 (bushy makes a 1/9) or the M4 lightweight barrel profile.
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