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Posted: 6/1/2003 8:59:07 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/1/2003 9:02:31 PM EST by coltcarbine]
Are you a Whiskey drinker? If so, what brand? I'm from Kentucky, so I'll drink anything from Nelson or Bullitt county. Personally, I'm partial to Jim Bean 7 year old. What about you? [url=http://www.enquirer.com/editions/2002/06/23/loc_bourbon_is_in_some.html]some Kentucky whiskey facts[/url] "I have loved some ladies, I have love Jimmy Beam, they both tried to kill me in two thousand and three"
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 9:00:09 PM EST
Not really. But I like Jameson if I have a choice.
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 9:01:37 PM EST
My mash comes from Loretto - Makers.
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 9:04:18 PM EST
Raven, what is "Jameson"?
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 9:06:18 PM EST
Knob Creek. Pretty damn smooth for 100 proof. [url]www.knobcreek.com[/url]
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 9:09:21 PM EST
I don't know, but the Irish sure are drunkards.
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 9:10:52 PM EST
Originally Posted By Merril_B: I don't know, but the Irish sure are drunkards.
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My really hot wife who I am getting ready to lay in about 2 minutes is Irish. She's sober and she loves my ugly face.
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 9:12:05 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/1/2003 9:13:27 PM EST by raven]
Originally Posted By coltcarbine: Raven, what is "Jameson"?
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Never tried it? It's Irish. I will admit, I do not really like whiskey's taste, so I go by "Which whiskey makes me less want to puke my guts out and scalds my throat the least?" By my standards, Jameson is way up there. I dont like the flavors of liqour. I look for lack of flavor, lack of impurities, lack or stuff that makes me shudder in digust. Which is why I like the high end vodkas the most, but most high-end liqours fit the bill well enough. It's usually beer and wine for me.
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 9:15:05 PM EST
Jim Beam, Maker's Mark
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 9:16:46 PM EST
serrada, my dad drinks that. btw. he is friends with Booker Noe. anyone here drink "booker"?
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 9:25:13 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/1/2003 9:26:04 PM EST by Garand1911]
Bushmills irish whiskey or crown royal or chivas regal my brother went to the jameson irish whisky factory in dublin ireland. and the guiness factory [:D]
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 9:27:38 PM EST
I have a bottle of Makers Mark I bought a couple years ago to use on baked apples. The stuff smells alot better than it tastes.
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 9:29:22 PM EST
Bushmills Black Bush, Glenfiddich, GlenMortangie, Glenlivet...pretty much Glenanything...
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 9:31:05 PM EST
Knob Creek most of the time - love the distinctive sweet flavor. Wild Turkey, Old Rip Van Winkle, Blantons from time to time.
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 9:57:37 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 10:31:48 PM EST
Guinness. I no longer enjoy fighting. [:)]
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 10:57:57 PM EST
I like Jim Beam. I would say Jack Daniels because I am from Tennessee but it is just not as good and costs more.
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 11:25:31 PM EST
Being Irish and all, I hate to admit I am a cheapskate and buy Canadien Mist for my occasional relaxation sip.
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 11:26:31 PM EST
Speak of the devil. I had two Jack Daniels Dry Manhattans tonight while watching the Hollywood shootout. That was after 4 Negra Modelo's just about dusk. [url]www.suncomex.nl/modelo/[/url] Ummm. Tasty... [img]www.suncomex.nl/modelo/fles_negra.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 11:37:39 PM EST
Jack or Maker's Mark.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 12:49:46 AM EST
Local homemade.. I talked to two men that attended Altech a few years ago. Most of the whiskeys and other spirits you buy have a large percentage of PGA in them. I want to know what I'm putting down my neck.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 1:20:00 AM EST
For me it's Makers Mark or Knob Creek. [booze]
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 1:28:38 AM EST
Wild Turkey Special Reserve or Jack Daniel's Single Barrell
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 1:45:30 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/2/2003 1:49:19 AM EST by Bobby_the_Hun]
YUKON JACK [8D] For some odd physiological reason, drinking beer makes me sick.[:X*]
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 2:01:46 AM EST
Jameson. Nectar of the gods. I won't insult it with so much as an ice cube.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 3:25:34 AM EST
1. For a straight rye type whiskey, I like Jamesons. 2. For Bourbon I like Jim Beam 3. For Scotch I like Glenfeddich but most any single malt will do.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 3:35:07 AM EST
Scotch Whisky - LaPhroaig
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 3:37:34 AM EST
Wild Turkey 101
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 3:41:03 AM EST
Jim Beam Black label. IMO some of the high priced stuff tastes like crap but because its SUPPOSED to be good cause it costs so much and people get the "emperor has no clothes" thing going. Johnny Walker Black and red, YEUCH!! Bushmills is OK but its an acquired taste.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 3:54:33 AM EST
Knob Creek, it's about the best bourbon I can afford. [BD]
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 4:13:53 AM EST
I like Maker's Mark the best. Knob Creek second. But for everyday drinking it's JD; I can't afford to swill the good stuff often
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 4:49:09 AM EST
Tulamore Dew Irish Whisky. It doesn't burn yer gullet. Always taken neat. But I thought this thread was about WHISKEY? as in American Sourmash Bourbon or Canadian? In which case Wild Turkey Rare Bread 101, and Maker's Mark. Haven't come across any of the more boutique marques cuz I've never really delved that far into sourmash. Sorry to say, but the heartburn demon requires it be diluted with that dark fizzy stuff. I tend to stay with the Rare Bread so as not to offend the truly pious.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 4:52:56 AM EST
Originally Posted By bigdb1: Jameson. Nectar of the gods. I won't insult it with so much as an ice cube.
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Try Crested Ten sometime.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 4:55:52 AM EST
Beam is good, I like Glenlivet if somebody else is buying.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 5:07:23 AM EST
My last bottle of Crested Ten is almost gone. Maybe it's time for another trip to Ireland.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 5:32:35 AM EST
I'm not very particular as long as it is Canadian. Yukon Jack, Crown Royal, Black Velvet, and Canadian Mist. All have a warm spot in my heart. "Rye and 7, please." Kent
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 5:45:24 AM EST
Kessler The Cheap stuff.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 5:46:31 AM EST
Most single malt scotches. Dalwhinnie and Balvenie Double Wood are my favorites. Have to be in the mood for Laphroaig - kind of peaty for my tastes. Come to think of it, Macallan 18yr uber alles!
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 6:10:20 AM EST
Originally Posted By Avtomat: I like Maker's Mark the best. Knob Creek second. But for everyday drinking it's JD; I can't afford to swill the good stuff often
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Right on!! All these people on here are saying they drink Knob Creek like it's water. What are you guys??? Rich!??!? Knob Creek is my bourbon for "special occasions" but for everyday drinking, it's hard to pass up the value of Ezra Brooks!! All you Jim Beam drinkers should give Ezra Brooks a try. It's pretty cheap and tastes damn good too. I've spent many a night just drinking beer on my porch and washing out the beer aftertaste with a swig of whiskey from the bottle (And it impresses the womens [BD]). -Nick Viejo.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 6:11:50 AM EST
Wild Turkey 101, used to drink nothing but Jim Beam but now it just tastes to "watered down" to me.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 6:21:31 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/2/2003 6:22:15 AM EST by wjshark]
Old Grandad-bonded.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 6:24:45 AM EST
Makers Mark
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 6:29:39 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 6:30:03 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 6:32:56 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/2/2003 6:33:43 AM EST by bvmjethead]
Whiskey? [puke] I'd just as soon drink warm cow piss. I'll take a cold one of these anytime. [img]http://www.suncomex.nl/modelo/fles_negra.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 6:33:05 AM EST
Hands down the best whiskey I've put past my lips is the Balvenie doublewood. The older the better!! Damn stuff is expensive but I get a bottle for my birthday every other year or so. gilfrd
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 7:02:15 AM EST
I prefer Woodford Reserve but I would like to try the Jim Beam Black. Mike
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 7:04:51 AM EST
Mmmmmmmm, Bushmills.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 7:10:51 AM EST
I won't drink anything that's not from KY. My favorites: Woodford Reserve Knob Creek Maker's Mark Jim Beam Black (the best bourbon for the money IMHO)
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 8:09:06 AM EST
For bourbon: Heaven Hill 10-yr old 100 proof bottled in bond (good old Nelson Co. whiskey) For non-bourbon days, Black Bushmills or 12-yr old Cutty Sark.... ColtCarbine: BTW, my wife was born in Bardstown, lived there for many years. Her father was an ATF gauger at HH, very close friend of Big Bill Samuels & family. He supposedly helped Mr. Samuels with the recipe for Maker's Mark after the Samuels family sold HH. The S IV on the Maker's Mark bottle stands for the fourth generation of the Samuels family to make bourbon.....Have one for me. I'm at work and can't.......
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 8:22:36 AM EST
[img]http://images.send.com/100012_big.jpg[/img] [img]http://images.send.com/100210_big.jpg[/img]
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