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Posted: 5/1/2009 9:21:51 AM EDT
I've Googled these questions before with limited success.  Maybe you guys and point me in the right direction.
My abilities running the terminal are extremely limited.  If I have to use the terminal, I copy other people's code.  I don't make it up on my own.
Please keep that in mind when answering.

I need some help running down some answers to some specific things I'd like to do with PCLinuxOS 09.

I have it in two places.  I'm tri-booting my main laptop computer.  I have Vista, Windows 7 and PCLinuxOS on a 320gb HD.  I use all three for different reasons.

I have another 120gb HD in a drive enclosure.  It has Vista, PC Linux and the rest of the drive has a copy of my music and other important files.  This is to be used in an emergency if the main HD fails.  I can install this drive and get going again.  I sometimes plug the drive in and boot PCLinux just for kicks.  I like the idea of booting from a USB port.  PCLinux runs pretty good on USB.  

I've been running PCLinux for four months as a sometimes alternative to Windoze.  I hope to be able to use it as my main OS.  However there are a couple questions/problems that have come up that I've been unable to find answers for.

I'm currently running a Verizon/Sierra 595 Aircard in the PCMCIA slot.  I'm going to a USB Verizon Broadband card so I can transfer the card and use it in another computer if needed.
Will a Verizon USB Broadband card work under PCLinuxOS?  Is there one USB Broadband card that is better than another?

I have my backup HD configured to run Vista, PCLinux and the rest is data.
Can I delete Vista and install another Windoze OS, like XP or the new Windows 7 RC?
If I delete the Windoze OS will PCLinux still boot up and run?

When I plug in my big monitor, I can get a duplicate display on both the laptop and the monitor or run the monitor by itself.  I've been unable to get the extended desktop on PCLinux
Is there a way to get an extended desktop similar to what I can do with Windows?


Link Posted: 5/3/2009 5:26:50 PM EDT
My first stop would be to register on the PCLinuxOS Forums

Quite a knowledgeable community there and they should be able to answer your questions.
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