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Posted: 3/29/2009 5:31:24 AM EDT
Post 15,000

For a LONG time now, I have talked my Two Rules. Normally every time I hit another 1,000 milepost.   They are:

Rule One: You are NOT as popular as you think you are.
Rule Two: Your worst enemy is more popular than you could EVER imagine.

The first time I mentioned them I was knocked by my two rules, something about them being lame and such.  But if you have been looking at some of the Arfcom threads lately, things have shown that I was more than a little right:

Polls Find Californians Optimistic About Obama - Highest Approval for Any President Since April 1981

Obama's job approval still high in Minnesota

March 5, 2009
President Obama's popularity is holding firm in Minnesota, a state he handily won last..."Obama's Job Approval Still High In Minnesota - 62% Statewide and 89% For State Democrats”

I bet if I could surf Arfcom 24/7 I could find more threads from other polls around the country.

One thing that’s he’s so popular is that he just plain talks better than Bush 43rd.  Dubya had a horrible time trying to communicate his ideas.  When he did he didn't do too good a job on it either.  Of course thanks to the MSM any message he got out would be garbled into incoherence.  Obama is a fantastic speaker.  Whether or not he needs Teleprompters is beside the point.  He is getting his messages out loud and clear.  That they are probably the wrong messages and will lead to ruin is beside the point.  Sometimes in the news you read or hear about some Democrat or another that doesn’t exactly care for what he’s selling; that they’re not left-leaning enough, that he isn’t performing miracles and so on.  So What?  He can say "Of course people don’t always with me.  This country is still based upon Democratic Ideals."  Then he can brag that the Republicans aren’t doing their part to being America out of this Recession.

Does anybody remember when Slick Willie appeared on that Talk Show and played a saxophone?  The Arsenio Hall Show has been history for years now, but many people still remember him playing his sax on Arsinio.  That was a Very Good idea of somebody.  I don’t know how many votes he got from that, but it appeared to make him a Cool Guy to vote for.  The Republicans were shown to be stogy old coots that were, to say the least, relicts and Uncool.

Obama showing up on Leno is about the same thing.  He may not be able to play a note, but he’s showing he’s trying to solve America’s problems.  Again, that his messages might bankrupt America is beside the point.  He is showing that he is hard at work, for ALL of the people and not the Fat Cats on Wall Street, with emphasis on AIG & Company.  People were hurt by the debacle. Is it any wonder that, all things considered, Obama is so popular?

OK, he popularity is slowly going down, What president wouldn't be?  People are slowly finding out that miracles don't happen in a day or two.  He is very busy trying to show that he’s working on it; he may not get there overnight, but he’s trying, and trying very hard.  He still in his First 100 Days.  President are generally forgiving for mistakes that happen here. Of course the First 100 Days sometimes sets a guideline for their presidency.

And the gripes about him going on national TV so often?  Like I said, he hard at work trying to get his message out.  The gripes are that he still seems to be campaigning.  That's how you get your message out.  If you keep working at your message in a believable way people will more or less believe what you're selling.  President Bush didn't do this with Hurricane Katrina.  He didn't talk much about the storm and almost everything he did immediately afterwards was wrong.  OK, the way the MSM presented the way he handled it was about as biased as you can get.  But Dubya helped them out by with his own silence.  He could have called a Press Conference and said any number of things that showed that he truly cared.  He didn't and failed with Part 1.  

Right now the Tea Parties are showing Obama both Rules.  People are angry and what happened at Notre dame shouldn't be surprising.  There is opportunity to show not only the Democrats but the MSM that The Chosen One isn't as popular as they wish he was.  What a lot of people here seem to be missing is that Obama is digging a huge hole for the Democrats to fall in.  If the Republicans are smart - and lately they haven't been doing much beyond showing how greedy their benefactors have been - they can be set to regain power in a big way.

We have a huge opportunity for conservatives to regain power.  But unless they get their collective heads out of their collective butts, they're going to be soon seen working on collective with no such thing as private property.  Just how much will getting through will show up come the next House and Representative elections.

[Start Dennis Miller]

Of course I could be wrong.

[/ Dennis Miller]
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:46:56 AM EDT
Obama 'might' be an effective communicator but he is a horrible speaker.
He seems to get his point across, but frankly, I have seen countless professional presenters who could speak circle around the guy.
With all his "uhhhh" and "uhhhhmmmmmm" he sounds like someone in desperate need of coaching.
Im actually amazed his handlers let him speak without carefully rehearsing his scripts.
Honestly...(and this has nothing to do with his politics whatsoever) he isnt a very impressive presenter.
During the conventions (and the campaign as well) so much was made of Bill Clinton being involved.
Want to know the truth? Bill Clinton is one of the best presenters this nation has seen in a President.
The guy just knows how to connect with an audience, has his body language down to a science, has complete mastery of whatever subject he will be presenting (at least that the perception, he may not know a thing about it but the audience will never pick up on it).....Clinton is in a different league when compared to Obama...THAT is why he wasnt all over the place during the cycle...it would have upstaged the most recent chosen one.

Obama is a joke....he is popular for the same reason that I am not....most of America wants what he is pushing.
I dont. I'd expect that most of the membership of this site dont.

His popularity will endure - his followers (and they really are followers much like lemmings) will conveniently blame Obama's shortcomings on the past administration, logic be damned. They cant conceive that skill and mastery are a requirement for his job...its all about goodwill and hope......the change will just happen I guess.

Congrats on 15,000
I agree with your two rules...they are words to live by, on ARFCOM and in real life.

Obama is a no-talent ass clown.
Dont be confused between communication ability and speaking ability - they arent the same.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:48:20 AM EDT
Wow, just my luck. I was just thinking to myself last night that I was hoping to see your 15,000th post, cuz of the X Drill Sergeant! stuff.

I've always been lucky.

Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:57:53 AM EDT
Post whore!

Link Posted: 3/29/2009 6:06:46 AM EDT
Obama is best suited for reading voice overs. He can't "communicate" for shit.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 7:46:28 AM EDT

Link Posted: 3/29/2009 7:39:39 PM EDT
Originally Posted By metalhed556:


Quiet you hypocrite! You're the post whore!
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