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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/19/2001 3:58:26 PM EST
AR review-- Posted in AR15.com and Rec.guns I wanted Clint of Fulton Armory to build me a rifle that was as close as possible to the M16A2 I knew in the service, while still being legal. I got the rifle some weeks ago, but due to non-shooting related matters I am only now able to report on the gun. Fit/finish—Great overall. I was slightly disappointed that he used a vertical grooving on the forward assist, but not greatly so. He used an accuwedge, which makes pulling out the back pin a real pain. There are visible vise marks on the upper, in the finish. They are minor, and I am attempting to polish out with CLP and a rag. The rear sight is a noticeably different color that the rest of the gun, and the elevation adjustment marks are 1-2 degrees off when viewed at 8/3. The Jewell trigger felt good, but it had a lot of travel in the first stage, I expected less movement. I was saddened that the bayonet lug I used to hold the military version of the gun in the air so many times was gone, but that is the Democrats' fault, not Clint’s. Firing—Good operation overall. With a supply of IMI 62gr greentip (1/9 twist 20” barrel as a compromise) I got between 2 ½ and 3 inches at 100 yards off front and rear bags with the iron sights when the 5-shot group felt good. Not a tack driver. Some of it is me and the iron sights, but I can go 2 inches with my M1 that Clint fixed up and factory, w/NM sights and when I feel good about the group, so I would expect to hold closer to two than three. (The M1 will go close to 1 with some hand loads it loves, and I have gone one inch groups with it, so I know I am up to it.) I am going to buy a box each of different kinds of ammo to see if the groups tighten up.
Link Posted: 8/19/2001 4:04:04 PM EST
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Link Posted: 8/19/2001 4:28:54 PM EST
Money question--w/stripped lower I sent him, close to 1k. If the accuacy does not pick up I will bitch.
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