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Posted: 3/5/2001 11:23:52 AM EDT
(Forgive the catch-phrase title. But at the risk of bragging on myself, this thread is a gem, and y'all need to read it.)

I opened my Dillon Bluee Press, and what did I spy, but a list of famous antigunners, I almost cried,

so here I go, for you and me, a Mclist of anti-gun celbs, from A to Z.

A is for Ed Asner, hairy back but bald head, worried you might think him bigfoot, and shoot his ass dead

B is for Bob Barker, want's you to nuteuer your cat, WELL MY CAT JUST HAD KITTENS, WHAT'CHA THINK ABOUT THAT!

C is for Julia Childwho bakes bread with yeast, and looks like a man, and large as a beast

D is for Ellen DeGeneres, who I don't really like,
Well suprise suprise suprise, AN ANTI-GUN DYKE!

E is for Mellisa Ethridge, who like Ellen, Licks clam. Well another anti-gun lesbo- GOLLY GEE DAMN!

F is for Doug Flutie who can go straight to hell, and take his anti-gun bullsh*t, back to the CFL.

G is for Geraldo, on TV and speakin, about how he's an anti-gun jew clinton loving Puerto-Rician!

H is for Whitney Houston, our guns she don't need. She's too busy gettin busted in Airports with weed.

I is for John Ingle, who's on the anti-gun list, but I have no clue who he is, so i'm not really pissed.

K is for Richard Karn, "AL BORLAND", that's wierd! I'd think he's like guns, with that "gun guy" type beard.

L is for KD Lang, ANOTHER RUG-MUNCHER- Well, she can have all my guns, i'd rather just punch her.

M is for Barry Mannilow, well, we know how that goes. Most anti's usually have a huge hooked jew nose.

N is for N'Sync, A group of fancy young lads, who sing like little girls, cuz they were born without nads.

O is for Rosie O' who we all know is gay, but we've been bashing her forever, so there's nothing new to say.

P is for Jane Pauley, and I don't really care, she's kinda cute, but needs to change the 1980's hair.

R is for Fred Rogers- Mr Rogers anti, NOW REALLY! We all know he plays pistol with Mr. McFeeley

S is for Sharon Stone, and what a joke, I saw her beaver at the movies, with a popcorn and coke.

T is for Shania Twain doing the anti-gun thing, nice set of titties, but can't really sing.

V is for Dick Van Dyke of the DickVanDyke show, and he's out FOURTH ANTI-GUN DYKE, wouldn't ya know!

W is for Henery Winkler, of Happy Days fame. Dude, Fonzie, give it up. You always were lame.

Z is for the Zappa's, Dweezil, Ahmet, and Moon. Thier Daddy Frank used to eat shit at his concerts, on a plate with a spoon,

So there you all go, on dasher and on dancer,
Merry Christmas to all, and I hope you get cancer.


Link Posted: 3/5/2001 11:39:10 AM EDT
^    ^     ^
Link Posted: 3/5/2001 11:41:03 AM EDT
Luckily on this board we're able to edit the topic line.
Why don't you do that, McUzi, before someone else does...

The poem cracked me up.[:D]
Link Posted: 3/5/2001 11:51:52 AM EDT
Thanks Brother Tree.
I didn't know you could do that (Edit Titles). Once I saw the title out there in General Discussion, I kinda realized that it was a bit too much for the standards here...

Link Posted: 3/5/2001 11:51:54 AM EDT
John Ingle

He is the actor who plays Edward Quartermain, the partiarch on [b]General Hospital[/b].  I wonder if he is anti-gun as John Ingle or has he been playing a patriarch so long he knows what's good for everyone.  How low will the anti's stoop?  Cartoon character's are next or any fictitious copywrited character/superhero.
Link Posted: 3/5/2001 11:54:25 AM EDT
I guess the message is: the anti-gun organizations don't discriminate, but gun owners do.
Link Posted: 3/5/2001 11:57:14 AM EDT
No. The message is "H-U-M-O-R"

When one ceases laughter, he is dead.

When one fears laughing at something, he is opressed.

Only when one can laugh at himself and others, can he truly enjoy the beauty of life, and the fruits of happiness it offers.

Landon Morgan
"Insanity in an insane World..."
Link Posted: 3/5/2001 12:02:49 PM EDT
They had Argosy Casino On The List Now I Make My Wife Driven twenty more minutes to the next casino cause they contribute to anti gun issue see if they get anymore of my american dollars fark them anti's they only want good gun tottin fellows around when they need body guards and such.
Link Posted: 3/5/2001 12:03:10 PM EDT
Richard Karn being anti doesn't surprise me, I met him once.  Grade A, first rate arsehole.

The Zappas do surprise me though, ol' Frank seemed to like freedom quite a bit.
Link Posted: 3/5/2001 3:50:39 PM EDT

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