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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/28/2001 8:41:46 AM EST
I was talking to a friend of mine two nights ago, got to talking about guns, and he said he was in the final stages of getting a CCW! I thought that was pretty astounding, considering he's in Southern California. Turns out, though, that he actually is a resident of Ventura County, and the sheriff there apparently isn't blindly rejecting CCW applications, nor is he rubber-stamping every one that comes across his desk. My friend is a writer, by the way, not a jeweler or something, but he figured that as long as getting the permit was a possibility, go for it!
Link Posted: 11/28/2001 9:25:08 AM EST
It's not impossible in San Diego County or the city of SD either. People I know with CCWs used justifications like these:

- Been robbed or raped before
- Been threatened repeatedly (and provably)
- Carry cash in course of doing business (e.g. bank deposits for retail store)
- Work as private security guard
- Campaign manager/bodyguard for someone running for public office
- Transport valuable merchandise of any kind in course of doing business (including computer parts)

Many people who are self-employed can find a reason that will pass muster with either the chief of the SDPD or the county sheriff.
Link Posted: 11/28/2001 9:58:08 AM EST

Does anybody in Orange County know what sort of justifications have worked with our Sheriff's Department? I know that the department is supposed to be more CCW friendly since Carona took office but it's not a "shall-issue" slam dunk either. I was wondering what justifications have actually passed muster here.

Also, I was wondering as I'm a part-time photographer (weddings, portraits, etc.) and occasionally transport several $K worth of eqpt. And since I work alone (usually), my gear could be made off with by a few enterprising miscreants. I've even had to cut a few sessions short because I was concerned about it. If I requested a CCW permit based on that, would I be limited to the times that I have said eqpt.?Or would I be allowed to carry all the time?

Thanks in advance.
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