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Posted: 12/31/2013 7:18:54 PM EDT
Post if you have questions or refer to http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_6_54/406639_Interest_in_a_10m_air_rifle_monthly_match_.html

If this sounds like the kind of shooting sports game you would like to try, here are the steps for you to follow to get started practicing on your own. You’ll like the challenges of regular practice as you try to meet personal goals for improvement.

Select a Rifle Class.
You need to decide which rifle class you want to try first and obtain a suitable air rifle.
If you are new to target rifle shooting, the place to start is in the
Sporter Class where air rifles are low cost and no special equipment is required or permitted. You can purchase reconditioned Daisy 853 pneumatic air rifles from the CMP. Legal rifles include the Daisy 853, 753, 888 and 887, Crosman Challenger 2009 and AirForce Air Guns Edge. They are generally available from shooting equipment suppliers for less than $500. Also check Amazon and Walmart online.

Precision rifles are made by brands such as: Walther, FWB, Anschutz, and many others.

Any Other Rifle(AOR): Shoot what you've got as long as it's .177 caliber.  Scopes and red dots of any magnification are allowed in AOR class.

Order (or print) Targets. Targets are NRA AR-5/10 or equivalent 10M air rifle target with any number of bulls printed on it.
Shoot (1) shot per bull for (20) scoring shots.  Unlimited sighters (not included in your match time).
Max score 200 points. 15 minute time limit.
Unlimited targets per month, post your best.

For "how to score" info, see posts in the link above.

Standing position only with no sling or other support.  Shooting apparel is optional.

Other Equipment and Supplies. You will need to purchase some training or match grade air gun pellets from a target shooting equipment sales company. Air gun pellets sold at local sporting goods or mass merchandising chains are usually too inaccurate for target shooting. Pilkington sells quality pellets made in the USA. Or you can check with companies like Champions Choice (http://www.champchoice.com), Brenzovich Firearms and Training Center (http://www.brenzovich.com), Champions Shooters Supply (http://www.championshooters.com), PyramidAir, AirGunsofArizona, etc.

Post scores in the following format with target pictures preferred but optional:
Shooter Name:
Rifle Class.: sporter, precision, AOR with or without optics
Rifle make/model/sights:
Ammo make:

Link Posted: 12/31/2013 7:23:29 PM EDT
<place holder>

Shooter Name: motopix
Rifle Class.: precision
Rifle make/model/sights: Walther LG400 w/stock peep
Ammo make: RWS R-10 Match
Link Posted: 1/28/2014 9:31:50 PM EDT
Well boys, I'm gonna pack it in for this month.  Been trying all month and I can't beat last month's score.

Shooter Name: Mwieczorek
Rifle Class.: AOR iron sights
Rifle make/model/sights: Crosman MAR177 NMAR upper, Fulton Armory NM AR-15 lower
Ammo make: Crosman Premier match pellets, 7.9 grains
Score: 168 (86 on first target, 82 on 2nd target).

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