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Posted: 12/28/2012 7:02:34 PM EDT
I just got my cmmg .22 upper yesterday in the mail.....

I want to replace the stock drop in carbine handguard with a MOE Mid length, BUT since this is a .22 and doesnt have a gas tube, i want to remove the gas block/ front sight all together....

Does anyone make a clamp on barrel front stop for a drop in hand guard? I dont recall every seeing this, but figured i would ask.

If I want to do this do i need to go with a free floating setup?

thanks for any input.
Link Posted: 12/28/2012 7:35:18 PM EDT
Here's my first build - it looks Dissipator'd or "Pistony"... just closed up the C5 guards over the existing round end cap and the lo-pro (no rail) gas block. What I did is take a round end cap, file-out the hole to slip over the flash hider (saving having to remove it) and then used extra bushing parts from a barrel-clamp rail unit I got for cheap from a auction web site to stabilize the barrel in the now enlarged opening. I then got a quad-railed barrel clamp from the same source and snugged it up to the end cap and hit it with the lok-tite. Good to go... this 16" is unfired but it's all solid - not flimsied-together for looks.

In trying for this setup, I did see an assortment of barrel clamps and some referred to as barrel bands - not all had rails, but all would work to hold an end cap on tight. You could even use an actual gas block. I did the rails to raise the front sight but still needed a riser block. Since then I've seen the same basic unit, but with one "wing/rail" already high enough to level sights on Upper and front end. I'd buy that one, but looks like this one is going to a show with me January 5th - I bet I get half-way to the ticket window before someone just throws money at me for it. And NO - I'm not the typical "skuzzball" out to gouge anyone (if that's what it's called in a free market) - I'm going to let them look it over and all I'll say is make your best offer. No way can I be called a bad guy. Probably put a Pmag in it or this H&K 30 rounder that is the odd-ball in my mag supply.

ANYWAYS - there are lots of options and it's good that the buying craze if for other things these days.

Best Wishes & Thanks for being with us here! http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b545/AnDerTur/Unfold_zps982db2bc.jpghttp://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b545/AnDerTur/Fold_zps87cb2e12.jpg
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