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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/20/2003 6:45:22 AM EST
I have never had a problem with this before. I recently shot 80 rnds of wolf a few weeks ago and cleaned my ar. I got all the crud out of it. I looked down my barrel last night and I see this brown stuff. I cleaned it today and ran about 20 patches down (freaking out) trying to get all this rust out. I got most of it except maybe a little up by the crown. I am freaking out is there anything I can do to stop this or get rid of it? Will this affect my accuracy?
Link Posted: 9/20/2003 2:38:12 PM EST
Most AR’s have chrome-plated barrels, which shouldn’t rust. Any idea if that’s what you’ve got? Also, what oil/solvent/CLP did you use when you cleaned it? Wolf isn’t the greatest ammo in the world, but it isn’t corrosive and shouldn’t cause rust. Patches aren’t going to do much with rust (if that’s what it is). Get a bronze bristle bore brush and scrub the barrel a bit to see if you can clean the bore out. Be sure and insert the rod from the breech end of the barrel. Use either CLP or a solvent on the brush. Then run some patches through the barrel and see if it’ll clean up. Hopefully what you’re seeing is lacquer or other debris from the Wolf ammo. Even if you’ve got some rust, it’s not the end of the world. A rusted barrel (within reason) can still shoot pretty accurately. However, they foul quickly so they have to be cleaned much more often. Also, if you’ve got rust, you’ll have to be sure to keep the bore well oiled, otherwise it will start to rust again. Good luck!
Link Posted: 9/20/2003 3:28:15 PM EST
Can you feel the cleaning rod hang up on any rough spots with a tight patch on it? After using the brush as described above, I use RemClean or bore paste to polish out the barrel. Shoot another 100 rounds through it and clean it with the bore paste again. If it was just some mild surface rust, it should feel smooth all the way through with the rod and patch after doing the above. As stated above, you will have to babysit that bore for awhile to be sure the rust doesn't return.
Link Posted: 9/20/2003 8:24:00 PM EST
Its an oly arms barrel. I beleive 4140 chromemolybedum steel. I am using breakfree clp. I dont know if this is rust but within the first 3 patchs the brown stuff came out and I started getting black carbon again. I have ran 757 rounds through without de coppering. Could this be copper? I also ran bore brushs through. It seems pritty smooth right now. Only brown stuff I see left is up by the crown. Is there any way I can protect my barrel more? Would a patch once a week with clp on it help? Thanks William
Link Posted: 9/20/2003 9:22:43 PM EST
It probably wasn’t copper. Copper generally is pretty tenacious and has to be removed either chemically (using a bore cleaner like Shooter’s Choice or Sweet’s) or with an abrasive (such as Remington Bore Cleaner or J-B Paste). When removing copper chemically, your patches will come out with a blue-green tint. Copper in the bore is pretty hard to see, except for maybe a little at the very muzzle end of the bore. It appears as a length-wise copper colored smear, often along the top edges of a land. Some Oly barrels aren’t chrome plated, so you actually might have had a bit of rust. Break-Free is a good protectant, as are many other products. If you want to give the bore a heavy coating of a protectant, be sure to apply it with a fairly [b]loose[/b] patch. A tight patch tends to squeegee fluids out of the barrel. If you give the bore a heavy coating of a protectant, run a dry patch through the bore before shooting to remove this. You might also want to consider where and how you’re storing the AR. If you’re keeping it in an airtight case, you might be getting some condensation. You might also be keeping it in a humid location or (while pretty unlikely) around rust causing chemicals. When you remove rust from a bore, you still have pitting that cannot be removed. If you catch the rust in time, the pitting will be very small (to the point of not being visible) and really shouldn’t be a problem other than requiring more cleaning than normal. Incidentally, also make sure to clean out the chamber and give it a good coating of a protectant. A rusty or pitted chamber can cause functioning problems. Hope this helps!
Link Posted: 10/11/2003 8:41:49 PM EST
i don't think you have a rust dude. i think it is a copper residue left behind by wolfy. it saw the same thing in my revolver and i freaked out too. i took it to the store and ask the guy what the fuck it was. he didn't even look at it but told me it is probably copper. i didn't fucking believe him so i went and put 100 rounds through it. then i clean it up. now i don't see it. copper does look like rust though. it is scary. i tried to clean that shit out with everything and it just wouldn't come out. that was when i knew it wasn't rust. i keep all my guns well oiled with mobil synthtic. it could be the best motor oil on earth, so i figure if it is good enough for nascar and space ship, it is good enough for my guns. it is probably protect more than gun oil, which i think is a water down version of motor oil. my guns' barrel is also stick. i ususally have to run 3 patches down there before shooting them at the range.
Link Posted: 10/25/2003 1:42:31 PM EST
You said that you're using an Oly arms barrel. Is it just an Olympic barrel? Or is it an Olympic rifle? On Olympics website they state that the use of Wolf or other laquer coated ammo voids their factory warranty. They state that the laquer coating on the ammo will clog the chamber causing all sorts of problems. Just something to keep in mind........
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 7:59:15 AM EST
It's just copper from the jacketed bullets. Most of my guns get this going after enough rounds fired and then I have to scrub pretty hard with a brush and Bore Cleaner solvent to get it out. And yes, it should be leaving a blue stain on your patches when run through there.
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 10:46:11 AM EST
Some people are just scared of wolf. The newer batches of wolf doesnt have the laquer buildup problem. The whole rifle is olympic parts but olympic did not assemble it. Thank you about informing me of this brown substance. I didnt think it could be rusting so easily.
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