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Posted: 5/31/2003 12:10:35 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/1/2003 4:08:49 PM EDT by TREETOP]
Link Posted: 5/31/2003 3:03:46 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/31/2003 3:26:54 PM EDT
and it was HOW hot today?
Link Posted: 5/31/2003 5:32:07 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/31/2003 8:39:06 PM EDT
Yeah and I had lots of fun at work today......
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 4:10:58 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 5:01:09 PM EDT
Come on Cory tell it like it really is:
M=Modern (Anything 50's or later or something like that)
C=Classic {Anything 50's or earlier)

S=stock (no optics)
A=open (w/optics)

Not a bad run though, looks like you trashed stage 3 bad but still finished good. I would have been there but I had to run out to Luke AFB and do somethings plus I don't have my 635 upper yet should be here this week some time.
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 5:32:46 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 7:10:25 PM EDT
i'm down there near the bottom somewhere, but i had a lot of fun. two stages were blown by me bringing ammo that wouldn't cycle the gun i was shooting, one by me missing a mandatory reload. the other one i thought i did alright though! i'm not very competitive by nature, so for me just running around shooting full auto was cool enough...
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