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Posted: 1/17/2006 4:42:53 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/17/2006 4:44:16 PM EDT by davis9588]

Not bad for $449.00 if I do say so myself...

Had to venture to the dark side... urge too strong... must give in...
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 5:02:17 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 7:27:15 PM EDT
Where did you get it?
Link Posted: 1/18/2006 4:49:41 PM EDT
Local gun shop here in Gulfport. Great fit and finish. Handguards don't budge a bit.
Link Posted: 1/18/2006 5:00:57 PM EDT
Geez , I've seen a few different pics of these on the boards now , and they all Look
pretty good.

Maybe Century has their shit together finally?
Link Posted: 1/18/2006 5:08:49 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/18/2006 10:18:59 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Templar:

Originally Posted By AKsRule:
Geez , I've seen a few different pics of these on the boards now , and they all Look
pretty good.

Maybe Century has their shit together finally?

I'm not sure, but I've heard that these builds were farmed out and that the angry beavers at Century didn't build them.

If I've insulted the angry beaver gun butchers at Century, I apologize....

You better, before they sue
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 9:09:52 AM EDT
The finish is a great park job. Who ever did the work, seems to have it together. The gun is listed as "surplus used parts", but all in all, it seems to be a new piece. Barrel is new, and the folding stock seems to be new as well. Plan on having range report for you Saturday afternoon.
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 9:59:19 PM EDT
What a deal! they seem great and shoot and look good,I like mine and my friends like theres.
they just need a little tweek and a new FCG and your in the honey hole!!
Link Posted: 1/24/2006 1:26:10 PM EDT
range report:

First 30 rounds, experience no problems whatsoever...

The 2nd magazine inserted had feed lip problems, that I did not notice until the bolt was engaged.

Had a stove-pipe jam, racked bolt back, checked chamber, removed magazine, and noticed that the left feed lip was missing????(top of the fold was missing)

Checked in the range bag, and sure enough the lip wasn't there... Don't know how this happened, because it didn't break upon loading, maybe had a stress crack that I couldn't see??? dunno, weird!

changed magazines out, and began to blast away...

Only other problems for the rest of the day, was that I only brought 500 rounds of ammo!
Link Posted: 1/24/2006 1:38:21 PM EDT
Can you email me the name of the gun store if you think that they may have more?

Link Posted: 1/25/2006 8:49:00 AM EDT
Thanks for sending the info. I'm calling them today.
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 1:54:59 PM EDT
I bought the last two that they had and should have them by Tuesday or Wednesday. I will have paid about $485 including the two mags, shipping, transfer, and 3% credit card upcharge (no sales tax). They only had two left by the time I decided to place the order.
Link Posted: 1/26/2006 5:45:26 PM EDT
Did you get to deal with Darryl?
Link Posted: 1/26/2006 5:54:44 PM EDT
I did and it worked out pretty good I think. Thanks again!

Link Posted: 1/31/2006 2:14:16 PM EDT
I got my Yugos in today. Thanks again for the heads up, Mr. Davis.

Link Posted: 1/31/2006 5:36:26 PM EDT
lookin good! Glad i could help out! Was finish and fit as expected?? My Bayo was chewed up a bit, but oh well...
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 7:00:43 AM EDT
I just won a bid on Auction Arms for one. Can't wait to get it in my hands.
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