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Posted: 11/8/2003 4:10:06 PM EDT
So I got a new Deluxe Otis kit and the thing is pretty sweet but here is my problem. I started with the larger barrel line and larger patch. Patch got stuck at the end of the chamber where the bullet engages. It got wedged in there pretty good and had to use a small set of hemostats (clamps) to pull it out. Put the big brush on the smaller rod, got stuck. Put a smaller patch on the bigger rod, got stuck. Put the smaller patch on the smaller rod, got stuck. What the hell? I know these patches are supposed to be tight, but this is ridiculous! This is not a match grade barrel either. Just a straight up Bushie.

So I had to use some of my small square Brownell's .22 patches and they worked fine. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? I am following Otis directions for how to thread the patch ontot the patch holder.
Link Posted: 11/8/2003 5:25:14 PM EDT
did just the patch get stuck while still on the needle and rod or did the patch come off in the barrel? They're supposed to be quite tight but you can cut them down. You can make your own patches to of course and they don't have to be round.
Link Posted: 11/8/2003 7:02:01 PM EDT
Got stuck while still on the rod. And I mean STUCK. It was a pain in the ass getting it back out. I was gentle with it so I didn't ding up the chamber but it was still a little nerve wracking. I guess I will have to cut them down a little. That is gonna be a hassle.
Link Posted: 11/9/2003 1:27:26 PM EDT
Big Juice, I had exactly the same problem when I tried using the Otis patches. Solved the problem the same way you did by switching to regular .22 caliber patches. I like the Otis kit, but I don't know how they thought people were going to successfully use their patches. --dulcenota
Link Posted: 11/9/2003 1:50:11 PM EDT
All I use is an Otis .But I have never used there patches. I went to Wally worlds and bought a couple of yards of 100% cotton undyed material and cut my own.WarDawg
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