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Posted: 7/14/2003 9:02:24 PM EDT
Anyone have any? How reliable? How much should a guy pay for them?
Link Posted: 7/15/2003 4:49:06 PM EDT
According to the Mag-FAQ they are junk and should be avoided.
Link Posted: 7/15/2003 7:57:13 PM EDT
I have heard that they are great if you clean off all cosmoline and lube them up good. Maybe they require alittle tweaking, but does anyone else know anything?
Link Posted: 7/16/2003 9:52:32 PM EDT
They're anything but "great". Kind of like investing in a big, heavy weight for your AR, that in order to loose weight requires constant coddling, and tuning. If you really want a working drum, get a c-mag. If you don't mind playing with it, get a Chinese. Meplat
Link Posted: 7/31/2003 2:07:39 AM EDT
all i can say is stay away from Chinese made drum mags. they are absolute garbage
Link Posted: 8/3/2003 2:06:04 PM EDT
I've had all 3 types of drums (Chinese,MWG & Beta-c) at one point in time, and the only one worth having if you want a drum is the Beta-C. I never had a problem with the functioning of the drum with the Beta-C drums. You get what you pay for in this case.
Link Posted: 8/3/2003 2:31:03 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/3/2003 2:33:17 PM EDT by ProfGAB101]
This thread exists: [url=http://ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=1&f=5&t=198471]http://ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=1&f=5&t=198471[/url] And yes I still love my Chi-com 120 drum. Edit: Oops - didn't make the link hot!
Link Posted: 8/3/2003 5:40:13 PM EDT
I shot about 1200 rounds thru my chink drum, always ran flawless.
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