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Posted: 3/14/2006 8:05:06 PM EDT
Came across some FN M193 that I've had squirreled away for a long time. It has 1987 date stamp. It's been so long since I've shot this that I don't remember how it performed. It is clean, shiney & dry. Does anybody have experience with this load? Just wondering whether I should continue to store it for SHTF or shoot it at the range.
Link Posted: 3/15/2006 12:09:40 AM EDT
At this point in history, I wouldn't let go of any M193ish ammo I came across. Nor would I shoot it.

If you want plinking ammo loaded to near M193 specs, I'd have a look at the new Wolf M193 at ammoman.com or maybe that Gautamalan [sleepy, not going to try to spell that right] stuff that is floating around.

Otherwise, keep it dry and sit on it... It may be worth enough to get you a new AR-15 in a few years, if the supply of M193 keeps going down.
Link Posted: 3/15/2006 1:49:32 AM EDT
I found some I had squirreled away also a few weeks ago. It was dated either 1971 or 77 can't remember. Plan to just keep it for now. Mine was in white cardboard boxes loose.
Link Posted: 3/15/2006 4:16:39 AM EDT
I've got a couple of battlepacks of this stuff and don't really intend to shoot it...well at least not for plinking purposes. The good old days....when this stuff was on pallets selling for $.15/rd.

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