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Posted: 3/20/2006 4:34:57 PM EDT
I have wondered this for a bit and wonder if anyone has the answer are hbar's naturaly more accurete then m4 profile barrel's on a CAR15, looking into geting an upper and want what is more accurate hbar or m4 profile on an 16 inch barrel.


Link Posted: 3/20/2006 4:42:24 PM EDT
Please tell us what kind of shooting you plan on doing, that you need a high degree of accuracy for.

The answer to your question is long and convoluted. Not clear cut at all.
Link Posted: 3/20/2006 4:54:35 PM EDT
varmint/ some target shooting mostly something that atlest shoots 1 moa or less

Link Posted: 3/20/2006 9:26:38 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/20/2006 10:22:28 PM EDT
if you want something that shoots 1moa or less (at 100yrds) w/ the right ammo i would look at a varmint or SPR type bbl.....

imo, there is little if any accuracy difference b/w a C-L HBAR or govt profile....the HBAR might be a little more accurate but only b/c of the extra mass helps w/ the vibrations, but i dont think it makes any difference

if you want the most accuracy (besides a dedicated varmit/spr/target bbl), try a non-C-L HBAR and ammo that runs well in it

all i am saying is, you can get 1MOA w/ a govt or HBAR, but dont expect too much...
Link Posted: 3/20/2006 10:53:54 PM EDT
I'd get a Noveske barrel, one of Dennysguns recons or anything Wes Grant wanted to sell me. I'm pretty particular. All of these barrels are a compromise between the M4 and the HBAR, often providing most of the stiffness of the HBAR while weighing no more than an M4.
Link Posted: 3/21/2006 2:06:23 AM EDT
HBARs are pretty much just unfinished barrels

Heavy barrels are used in precision shooting, but these are fine tuned works of art built with a meticulous eye on precise detail and rigorous QC measures

I do not think I would consider the HBAR M16/AR15 barrel for precision work. More accurate than a pencil barrel?

Probably after heavy use - yes
Link Posted: 3/21/2006 2:52:56 AM EDT
I have a HBAR 14.7 1/9 Bushy

And a LMT 14.5 M4 1/7

Both are Very accurate barrels

But the M4 LMT is my pick because its alot lighter than HBAR and is just as accurate as the HBAR
Link Posted: 4/1/2006 12:29:13 PM EDT
Novedke barrel
Link Posted: 4/1/2006 1:32:16 PM EDT
Try ADCO Firearms.

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