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Posted: 10/18/2003 12:36:59 PM EDT
I've seen some good desert camo paint jobs on AR's lately. Anyone have a good PIC of a woodland cammo paint job? I finally have my AR the way I want and I'm gonna paint it w/bowflage soon, so I need a good PIC to go by.

BTW, is bowflage still the best way to go?
Link Posted: 10/18/2003 1:21:15 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/18/2003 3:07:39 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/18/2003 3:08:06 PM EDT by gregw45]
Bowflage rocks. Here's one - not exactly woodland colors... but it works amazingly well. [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid81/pf049c4016f32ff010b11dd002988e345/faf489be.jpg[/img] I have a pic of this rifle laying on green grass with leaves scattered around it taken at a distance of about 10 feet. All you can ID is the unpainted magazine. If I find it, I'll post it.
Link Posted: 10/18/2003 4:12:11 PM EDT
Cool thanks!
Link Posted: 10/18/2003 5:11:44 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/18/2003 5:13:48 PM EDT by vedubin01]
I painted these for one of the moderators here on this page (Bookhound) [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid84/p55f5df37b6383ed6dd492358beb5fdad/face7adb.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid84/pb4f910373e7710e648187ffcd4b8ab3a/face8a13.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 10/19/2003 9:38:10 AM EDT
Anybody have any more?
Link Posted: 10/22/2003 11:16:47 AM EDT
rob, get me your e-mail address and i'll send ya some pics of my AR in woody camo. i did it with bow flage and it came out awsome. i just can't seem to get the pics on here. it really is badazz looking though!!!! it came out better than i ever imagined!!!! e-mail me at jeremy@franklinfarmseast.com later, riggs
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