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Posted: 9/11/2001 11:19:39 PM EDT
On behalf of many members/readers from the Netherlands I'd like to offer condolences, thoughts and prayers to those stricken in the N.Y.C. and Washington D.C. disasters. If we/I can do anything let us know ! Hans P.S. Ronin45 sitrep please
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 7:37:31 AM EDT
Thank you.
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 7:50:10 AM EDT
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers olycar15NL. Justice will ultimatly prevail.
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 11:34:08 AM EDT
Thank you.
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 11:37:30 AM EDT
Thank you for your kindness.......
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 11:43:24 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 12:08:54 PM EDT
Straight from South West Washington D.C. thank you. They've f'ed with the wrong country!
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 1:19:03 PM EDT
My parents just flew to "the old country," and landed in Amsterdam Monday evening. I was grateful for their safe arrival, given the circumstances. Thank you. Doug Kunnen
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 1:49:05 PM EDT
Thank you for the phone calls and continued words of support. It's nice to make contacts with friends in other lands. I look forward to receiving the cards that your son and his class made for us. I hope to be able to personally meet you one day, but first we have our jobs to do. God Bless Us All...... Police Officer Ray Quindara NYPD - 5th Precinct
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