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Posted: 6/6/2001 7:19:59 AM EDT
1/9 vs 1/12. What would you suggest and what really is the diff in a service rifle. Don't plan on competing or varmiting, just would like an all around combat type rifle.
Link Posted: 6/6/2001 7:23:09 AM EDT
I'd probably pick 1/9.. It shoots all grains pretty well.
Link Posted: 6/6/2001 7:25:45 AM EDT
With the 1 in 12 twist you are limited to smaller, lighter bullets (50 grn and under). A 1 in 9 will run just about anything accurately up to 68 grns. As 55 grn FMJ is the most common 5.56mm round available, I recommend the 1 in 9. Bud
Link Posted: 6/6/2001 7:34:05 AM EDT
1 in 9
Link Posted: 6/6/2001 8:58:31 AM EDT
1 in 12 is the twist of the M16A1, used for 55 grain bullets. Military only went to 1 in 7 to stabilize a very long foreign tracer round. If you only shoot 55 grain, 1 in 12 works fine, with better down range results on humans than the 1 in 7. 1 in 9 is a good general twist that allows more flexibility in ammunition.
Link Posted: 6/7/2001 3:48:37 AM EDT
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