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Posted: 12/31/2005 3:12:25 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 3:19:21 PM EDT
It's been over 10 years since I had one apart, I can't remember
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 7:58:26 PM EDT
You will have to R&R the tailshaft housing, otherwise not a big deal.
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 5:29:19 AM EDT
Link Posted: 1/2/2006 4:07:39 AM EDT
No, but I blew up a BW T4 once.
Link Posted: 1/2/2006 6:47:09 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/2/2006 6:50:55 PM EDT
If I remember right nothing will fall out of that trans. Except maybe a couple pints of fluid. Put GM syncromesh fluid in it BTW, Supposed to be about the best fluid for the T-5.
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 4:17:39 AM EDT
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 5:10:38 AM EDT
We were told by our performance parts supplier that the GM stuff is the way to go. Parts managers son used it in a drag car with no problems. I would guess a GOOD synthetic fluid would work well also( Royal purple for instance).
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 7:15:04 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/6/2006 9:14:36 AM EDT
I am not near my trannys right now, but you have to disassemble something where your shifter attaches to the linkage rod before you can just remove the housing bolts and pull the housing off. Not a big deal.
Link Posted: 1/6/2006 12:43:37 PM EDT
maybe you canucks haven't heard yet, but the T5 is no longer a Borg Warner product, it's now a Tremec T5
Link Posted: 1/6/2006 1:24:54 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/6/2006 1:26:24 PM EDT by Striker]
Link Posted: 1/6/2006 1:42:58 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/6/2006 1:44:47 PM EDT by DeltaAir423]
Yep, 1998 Borg Warner sold the rights to the T5 to Tremec. Borg Warner no longer produces any complete trannys any more, just tranny parts. If you end up having to buy a new T5 it will be a Tremec. Hence the

ETA: There is also over 230 different T5's
Link Posted: 1/6/2006 3:02:05 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/6/2006 7:53:51 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Striker:
My tranny doesn't have any shifter linkage..it's all internal.

Do you have amazing psychic powers to cause your transmission to shift gears or do you row the gears with a shifter like the rest of us?

Within that little square thingy that your shifter thingy goes into is your linkage.......

When you remove the 4 bolts from the cover of your shifter housing on the tailhousing and remove it, you will see the socket and back portion of your linkage rod which you have to remove from the rod before you can pull the tail housing off of your tranny.
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