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Posted: 6/15/2009 5:09:23 PM EST
Wanting to buy first bow,was thinking a mathews or hoyt.Found a mathews on craigslist [mathews drenalin 70lbs and 28.5 inch draw. that comes with a sts on it and winners choice string and cable will take $520].In the pictures it looks real clean. would i be over paying? thx
Link Posted: 6/16/2009 8:16:57 AM EST
As usual, I would say to make sure shoot the bow to decide if you like it. Are you comfortable with a 60 to 70 pound draw weight? Is the draw length right for you? If not, a new Mathews cam will run around $80.00, they don't use draw modules on that particular bow. You can find used cams online for around $40. Check the serving around the cam, they tend to get worn out there. If it's seperated pretty bad, it would be time to change it, and you should be able to talk them down some. If I was going to check it out, I would measure the axle to axle length, and the brace height. At the very least, he'll think you know what you're doing.

I wouldn't call that price a steal, but I wouldn't say it's overpriced if it's in good shape. It fits nicely into the range of what those bows are worth. Mathews bows do tend to hold a good resale value.

Biggest thing would be to make sure you like that model bow by trying out the others you are considering.
Link Posted: 6/16/2009 6:35:52 PM EST
I am looking to buy my first bow as well and stopped by a local shop to look around I had only shot a bow twice before now. The shop had Hoyt, Matthews, Mission (Matthews lower brand). I spent probably an hour shooting different bows he let me see the difference in different draw lengths and weights. I would definitely look into shooting several bows first before settling on one. There is another shop on the way home the has Bowtech, Diamond, Kodiak Outdoors and PSE that I am going to stop by on the way home to try those out. Right now the Mission Eliminator and UX2 are the two I am leaning toward right now I also want to shoot the Powerhawk again the draw length was a little too long (2 inches makes a huge freaking difference)

just my newbie .02
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