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Posted: 10/2/2011 5:21:21 AM EDT
I know there are many bug out bag posts here, I was just wanting to add some food for thought...

In the area that I live, you need to change around things in your bag as the seasonscome and go, so I was going through mine the other day and thought of a few things that for me are a must...

Good knife or 2 with a stone for sharpening
rope/550 cord and a small tarp or poncho
warm change of cloths to include extra socks
head and hand gear..gloves and hat ...it gets cold here
fire starting material to include metches/lighter/2 sticks or whatever means you want to use
bladder..for water/fluids for you to drink
sewing kit...small basic things in it
medical kit...basic items in it to get you where you need to go
I will not mention weapons since if you have any, you should have it and extra mags and ammo with you.
Money be it silver/gold/cash

This liist is basic and there are things that you would say oh I need this or that...thats fine. It is just getting to the fall weather and for those of you that never use your bag, hell it might be set up from years past, cuz you didn't use it or go through it since 1999.

Make sure that you have things in it that help you blend into the local crowds...what I mean is...you don't want to standout if you have to be anywhere with other people....for instance, if your in an area were everyone wears dockers and a polo...then you wanna blend in and wear that...you wouldn't want to be in BDU'S and sporting a military pack....that identifies you as something different to them.

this is just some things to think about....for those that haven't yet.

Link Posted: 10/2/2011 6:22:37 AM EDT
Yeah, even though upstate NY is hunting country, and camo, pinetree green wool, and plaid are common in the fall, I'm aiming for earthtones: tan, brown, grey, olive, etc.
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