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Posted: 4/18/2007 6:20:27 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/19/2007 3:17:49 AM EDT by NWAman21]
this is from another survival forum i am on just thought everyone might find it interesting

click here
Link Posted: 4/18/2007 6:41:20 PM EDT
Link doesn't work for me??
Link Posted: 4/18/2007 6:58:33 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/18/2007 9:00:06 PM EDT
Hmmmm I dunno bout the lack of real or credible sources im seeing. Anythings possible.
Link Posted: 4/19/2007 3:18:26 AM EDT
link should work now
Link Posted: 4/19/2007 6:20:42 AM EDT
Threat is 2 years old now. I definately think this is psych.ops - we want them to try it because we're ready to intercept. Just like the continual mention about OBL moving around alot "as why we can't find him" - hint hint, we're encouraging him to move as though that's safer for him than staying put.

By quietly passing the word that "it'd be really bad if you hit 7 cities, like LA, DC, NY, etc..." we're enticing him or others to really try it, whereas hitting some out of the way places would be just as bad (albeit not as symbolic) but we can't police the whole country.

Then there's the fact to consider that the boys at Homeland Security and FEMA know that the general population is largely asleep - only a small percentage of people will prepare for a given disaster if it strikes their fancy as 'more likely'.

Thus in any group of 100, if the threat is "nuclear war" only 1 or 2 will take it to heart and prepare. The other 99 or 98 will ignore it.

But if you come back a week later and warn about "bird flu" another 3-4 will take it to heart, consider that threat "likely" and prepare for it - 3-4 who wouldn't have moved to prepare for nuclear war.

A week later you quietly mention earth-killing asteroids or meterorites... and again, 1-2 people quietly start preparing.

A bad storm happens and a dozen go out and buy generators, camping gear, etc.

A movie is made showing natural disasters, super-volcanoes, earthquakes, tornados... and another dozen go out and make tornado 'saferooms' and stockpile a week of water and food....

So at the end of the day, after leaking a dozen "potential threats" to the general population, you now have about 40% prepared at some level for ANY disaster.

That's how the game is played.

But this isn't to say there are no threats, just that to get people moving you need more than one form of motivation.
Link Posted: 4/19/2007 9:26:45 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Glockhappy:
Hmmmm I dunno bout the lack of real or credible sources im seeing. Anythings possible.

You prefer CNN? A more recent report:


Michael Scheuer, who once headed the CIA's bin Laden unit, says bin Laden has been given permission by a young cleric in Saudi Arabia authorizing al Qaeda to "use nuclear weapons against the United States ... capping the casualties at 10 million."

"He's had an approval, a religious approval for 10 million deaths?" I asked him.

"Yes," Scheuer responded.

Working on the "CNN Presents" documentary, "In the Footsteps of bin Laden," we traced bin Laden's metamorphosis from a shy, well-educated, wealthy young Saudi Arabian boy to the hate-filled man he became. We were struck by his steady and relentless pursuit of his goals.

We were especially struck that by taking all his fatwas, press interviews, video tapes and statements together, they painted the whole picture: A clear and present danger that many of us had missed in real time.

Putting them all together, you can easily see bin Laden was planning and telegraphing all that has happened since.

For years Osama bin Laden has stated publicly that the United States remains to be punished for using atomic weapons in Japan. In May of 1998 Osama bin Laden issued a statement called "The Nuclear Bombs of Islam" in which he said: "It is the duty of Muslims to prepare as much force as possible to terrorize the enemies of God." This was confirmed during an ABC interview with John Miller on May 24, 1998. In a December 1999 interview with Time magazine Osama bin Laden indicated he had a nuclear weapon (likely a very crude dirty bomb). In a November 2001 interview with Hamid Mir, a Pakistani journalist, bin Laden said "We have chemical and nuclear weapons." Supporting the "dirty bomb only" theory, in November 2001, Al Qaeda plans in Arabic, German, Urdu and English for a dirty nuclear bomb were discovered. The plans were obtained in a U.S. raid of a house in the Wazir Akbar Khann neighborhood.

Link Posted: 4/19/2007 12:22:10 PM EDT
He was trained as a civil engineer so he's not entirely stupid but chances are he wouldn't know a real nuke from a dirty conventional one (so he could have been lied to by some dealer with a radioactive isotope hidden inside a bomb shell).

OR he was engaging in wishful thinking when he said "we" as in "we Muslims" refering to the Pakistanis and their real nuclear arsenal. Maybe he was thinking of a particular Pakistani general or "young turk" in the nuclear arms section who was radical and claimed to know how to jury rig a short range ballistic missile and its warhead for ad hoc use....

I'm not saying it's not possible for a state actor to smuggle a nuke onto a tramp steamer and pop one off in international waters at a high enough altitude for EMP to fry our coasts -that'd be much more do-able than Al Qaeda getting a hold of a real nuke, figuring out how to arm it for personal or remote detonation and then smuggling it from nowhereistan onto a plane or ship and getting it as far as a major US Port undetected.

Even if he was capable and pulled it off, the left has regrouped now and if a major city went up in smoke they'd immediately blame Bush and the Right and play it up for all it was worth to get us to surrender "better red than dead" being their defeat cry.

And you know more than 40% of the country would mumble and fall in lock step behind that slogan.
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