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Posted: 10/7/2004 6:04:50 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/7/2004 6:05:49 PM EST by COLT]
Can Canadians still buy ar-15 ?
Link Posted: 10/8/2004 7:20:38 PM EST
Yes. We can get them in any configuration (bbl. length, bayo lug, flash hider). But they are classed as restricted just like handguns. Even for .22's and shotguns , we can no longer (scince our new Gun Control Act) just go into a hardware store and buy one without first having a firearms purchasing licence. The restricted class you can not just carry one around with you like you can with a hunting rifle. Y ou need a special permit to take one to the range, and that is the only place you can actually discharge one ( eg. you can't take it over to the freinds farm and shoot it, nor can you carry it in the bush hunting.)
It used to be common to see a rifle hanging in the back window of pickups, but there is getting to be a lot of anti gun sentiment orchestrated by the lobbyists and the gov't. Now you almost feel like you're packing kiddie porn or something and want to keep it hidden.
Link Posted: 10/8/2004 9:22:40 PM EST
Thanks for the information , I'm glad they can still be purchased . Canada has a lot of open area go out about 100 miles to shoot noboby will no the difference. Canada is a nice country I just always hear things about gun control. If JOHN KERRY he
Link Posted: 10/16/2004 7:39:45 PM EST
So what do you guys do for AR parts and ammo there? My girlfriends family lives there. Whe we visited, I brought a small stash of .22 and 9mm I was a hero...
Link Posted: 10/17/2004 6:28:01 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/23/2004 10:01:52 AM EST
Buy what you want now in america and canada because the day might be coming for a total semi atuo ban in both countries.. Buy now or forever hold your piece.
Link Posted: 10/24/2004 7:50:16 AM EST
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