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Posted: 6/9/2009 12:43:41 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/10/2009 4:32:14 AM EST by GETSUM]

Had to post VIDEO on a page that took 20 minutes and larger......

55 acres .
3 feeders, 33 ft trailer, camo net covered picnic table (in progress)

Fire pit will be in big open area by the trailer up on top..
I drove the trails this morning.

Took me 18 minutes to drive them all..
I have a bunch, but not too many for sure.
I did not want to put too many on there.

Ride through - RILAND RANCH
Link Posted: 6/9/2009 1:23:34 PM EST
linky no worky
Link Posted: 6/9/2009 2:19:29 PM EST
U Tube no like...say video is too damn long
Link Posted: 6/10/2009 4:32:31 AM EST
Got it fixed -
Link Posted: 6/10/2009 6:11:31 AM EST
Owning land in the lone star state is a good thing!
Link Posted: 6/10/2009 6:21:00 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/10/2009 6:38:18 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/10/2009 9:04:04 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/10/2009 9:04:39 AM EST by M4Dogg]
Looks awesome! I'm jealous!!

Which area/city are you near and what was the cost per acre?

I'm looking for 20 or so acres for myself and my family. Something with lots of trees like this.

Link Posted: 6/10/2009 9:26:01 AM EST
looks fun! what are you riding?
Link Posted: 6/10/2009 10:45:47 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/10/2009 10:49:06 AM EST by GETSUM]
it is in SE OKL outside of ANTLERS, Oklahoma...

I am on a 1991 200cc ATV and my buddy is on my 2001 250cc atv.

All you need up there for sure...
Land is cheap up there .
Like $1000 an acre.

Soowah - That is why I jumped on that place.
The price / feel / size of the place compared to the open hill country places that I could get where all you see it fence line to fence line really turn me off.

Most places I was looking SW of metroplex were going for $2500 - $4000 an acre.

My yearly tax on the place is less than $100 since the Indians raise such a fussssssssss They have crazy low taxes on land up there.
So literally, the $$ I save i taxes pays for the place over 10 years , verse getting stuck w high prices and high taxes here in TX.

BTW - it is 2 hr 10 minutes from my driveway in MURPHY....
Link Posted: 6/10/2009 11:04:23 AM EST
Beautiful place you have there! I love land like that. Enjoy it!
Link Posted: 6/10/2009 9:14:07 PM EST

Thanks man.
I am a lucky man.

(Saying that in a humble way)
Link Posted: 6/11/2009 2:08:33 PM EST
Looks like a great place! I am in a holding pattern with trying to buy some property. The seller is having trouble clearing something off the title. My July 2nd close was pushed to July 16th, now they are grumbling about making that.

Link Posted: 6/17/2009 6:51:29 PM EST

Be patient..
It is fun once it is yours...
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