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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/24/2006 3:44:00 AM EST
Is ss109 legal in IL? I know that armor piercing is not legal and this has a "steel penetrator". Just curious.
Link Posted: 3/24/2006 4:30:09 AM EST
yes it is legal, and armor piercing is not ilegal in illinois
Link Posted: 3/24/2006 6:35:35 AM EST

Originally Posted By tequilabob:
yes it is legal, and armor piercing is not ilegal in illinois

Huh? Am I missing something?

(720 ILCS 5/24‑2.1) (from Ch. 38, par. 24‑2.1)
Sec. 24‑2.1. Unlawful use of firearm projectiles.
(a) A person commits the offense of unlawful use of firearm projectiles when he or she knowingly manufactures, sells, purchases, possesses, or carries any armor piercing bullet, dragon's breath shotgun shell, bolo shell, or flechette shell.
For the purposes of this Section:
"Armor piercing bullet" means any handgun bullet or handgun ammunition with projectiles or projectile cores constructed entirely (excluding the presence of traces of other substances) from tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium copper or depleted uranium, or fully jacketed bullets larger than 22 caliber designed and intended for use in a handgun and whose jacket has a weight of more than 25% of the total weight of the projectile, and excluding those handgun projectiles whose cores are composed of soft materials such as lead or lead alloys, zinc or zinc alloys, frangible projectiles designed primarily for sporting purposes, and any other projectiles or projectile cores that the U. S. Secretary of the Treasury finds to be primarily intended to be used for sporting purposes or industrial purposes or that otherwise does not constitute "armor piercing ammunition" as that term is defined by federal law.
Link Posted: 3/24/2006 8:33:18 AM EST
There is no such thing as AP 5.56.
Link Posted: 3/24/2006 2:43:19 PM EST
this still doesn't answer the question, and that legal mumbo jumbo is too vague for me to translate
Link Posted: 3/24/2006 2:49:12 PM EST
Just because a projecticle is capable if piercing armor doesnt mean it fits the legal definition of AP. True AP 5.56 is not available on the civilian market.
Link Posted: 3/24/2006 3:41:20 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/24/2006 3:49:23 PM EST by gsghellokitty]
I think ATF says that ss109 or M855 is not AP (sorry I ain't lookin it up fer ya )

I always thought ATF did this because the infantry really needed something better than m885, especially when facing BTRs, etc. No better way to justify money from congress for developing a new round than to say the infantry needs AP meanwhile listing the m885 as not AP. And that's just my opinion cause the m855 was not available to civis in the past and when it was, the M995 came around the bend for the infantry. [Oh yeah, M855 is not AP, and only equals regular ol' fmj 308 and only at really long distances when its really weak on balistics, at short distance the m855 will just fall apart, literally, which isn't really much to say about the m885, and that's my lowely opinion in case some puke anti is reading this].

M995 is AP and NOT available to civis (even individual LEO) under any circumstances. (oh yeah they got another AP load for the 7.62 developed at the same time called the m993).


Anyone who says M855 has tungsten cores may not have his/her facts straight or is an anti. . Remember even african game loads used to hunt famed cape buffalo, a 500-grain Speer AGS tungsten core solid at 1,530-fps - and this ain't AP - don't ask the buffalo of course and I'm not sure about its legality in IL because of the substantial tungsten slug in the center.

Whether its legal, I can't really say (any LEO or ASA please), I guess it depends on what county cough cough, er city you live in too heheh.
Link Posted: 3/25/2006 4:07:30 PM EST
Thanks for the info guys, I saw some SS109 for sale in a reputable gun shop today in the springfield area so I decided that it must be legal.
Link Posted: 3/25/2006 8:51:33 PM EST

Originally Posted By Tim84K10:
There is no such thing as AP 5.56.

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