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Posted: 8/16/2007 7:10:15 AM EDT
I stumbled across this today; it sounds appealing and I thought you guys would like to know about it (especially those of you who shoot at QSC). I'm mulling over buying a ticket myself. So far it's $50 per ticket with only 250 tickets being sold, but since it seems to be going slower than originally anticipated the guy is thinking about making it $25 per ticket with 500 tickets sold (and sending a second ticket to anybody who bought one for $50 earlier).

That's the gist of it, now here's the rest:

Original Thread

Originally Posted By CombatArtsInstructor:

I am giving away a Barrett M82A1. Retail Value $8010.00
Entry is $50.00 and will be held to ONLY 250 participants. The winner will receive a brand new, form the factory, M82A1 with all factory accessories which include the following:
Air/Watertight carring case
Flip-up iron sights
carrying handle
removable and adjustable bipod
One ten round mag
1913 Accessory Rail
Cleaning Kit

Any entry received after #250 will be returned to sender so get in while you can!

The winners FFL transfer fee will be covered up to $40.00 and shipping is free.

This raffle will benefit Hewitt/N. Birmingham #519 Masonic Lodge

Send check or money order made payable to John Guthrie to:
J Guthrie Gun Sellers
300 Hwy 406 Lot 67
Shelby, AL 35143-7262

Further details: I will start posting the number of tickets sold so that everyone can see when we get to #250. I am hoping for a timeline of around a month to sell all 250 tickets. However, since this is going by number of tickets sold versus entry date to entry date, it is impossible to give an EXACT drawing date.

I am going to take pics of the drawing which will be done by a totally dis-interested party so as to keep evrything fair. The winner will be notified immediately by phone and by post on their hometown forum and the pics of the drawing will be posted here at Gulf States for all to see. My goal is to make this as fair and as transparent as possible so if anyone has an idea that I have not thought of to ensure this, please e-mail or IM and let me know.

Good Luck to all!!!

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