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9/23/2020 3:47:02 PM
Posted: 5/28/2010 9:37:03 AM EDT
Moving from Indiana to Kentucky has completely blown my mind. I'm so used to state and local laws that applied to any kind of carry since we didn't have concealed licenses or laws.

I keep seeing "Concealed carry" is illegal in such and such places but where is "Open carry" illegal at?

Also who can make laws regarding either? I hate seeing places where guns aren't allowed on all county/city property but they don't post it so you'll never know if you're breaking the law until its too late.
Link Posted: 5/28/2010 10:09:30 AM EDT
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Link Posted: 5/28/2010 1:20:52 PM EDT
ok so are these old then?

This is from the KSP website
Any areas leased or controlled by a state, city, county or urban-county government where lawfully posted.

and this is from the Department of Criminal Justice Training CCDW document

The legislative body of the state or of a city, county, or urban-county
government may prohibit or limit license holders from carrying concealed deadly
weapons in those parts of buildings owned or controlled by that unit of
government. Any such restrictions must exempt the following places: (1)
buildings used for public housing by private persons; (2) highway rest areas; (3)
firing ranges; and (4) private dwellings owned or controlled by that unit of
government. Signs must be posted at the entrance to areas where carrying
concealed is prohibited or limited. Carrying a concealed deadly weapon into one
of these prohibited areas is not a crime, but the person may be prevented from
entering the area or asked to leave if already in the area. If the violator is an
employee, that employee may be disciplined.
Link Posted: 5/28/2010 3:57:57 PM EDT
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Link Posted: 6/2/2010 8:42:00 PM EDT
I really like this one:
237.106 Right of employees and other persons to possess firearms in vehicle –– Employer liable for denying right –– Exceptions.
(1) No person, including but not limited to an employer, who is the owner, lessee, or occupant of real property shall prohibit any person who is legally entitled to possess a firearm from possessing a firearm, part of a firearm, ammunition, or ammunition component in a vehicle on the property.
(2) A person, including but not limited to an employer, who owns, leases, or otherwise occupies real property may prevent a person who is prohibited by state or federal law from possessing a firearm or ammunition from possessing a firearm or ammunition on the property.
(3) A firearm may be removed from the vehicle or handled in the case of self-defense, defense of another, defense of property, or as authorized by the owner, lessee, or occupant of the property.
(4) An employer that fires, disciplines, demotes, or otherwise punishes an employee who is lawfully exercising a right guaranteed by this section and who is engaging in conduct in compliance with this statute shall be liable in civil damages. An employee may seek and the court shall grant an injunction against an employer who is violating the provisions of this section when it is found that the employee is in compliance with the provisions of this section.
(5) The provisions of this section shall not apply to any real property:
(a) Owned, leased, or occupied by the United States government, upon which the possession or carrying of firearms is prohibited or controlled;
(b) Of a detention facility as defined in KRS 520.010; or
(c) Where a section of the Kentucky Revised Statutes specifically prohibits possession or carrying of firearms on the property.
Link Posted: 6/3/2010 8:45:49 AM EDT
Yup, clear as mud.
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